Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wakeboard Weekend.

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Friday morning bright and early, we were up and eating a hearty breakfast.  Weather was ridiculously good as usual this time of the year in Dubai.  Last week Rona and Chat kept talking to me and Rach about giving wakeboarding a try.  I'm a fan of individuals going to huge extremes when it comes to sports.  To give it more emphasis, I'm a fan and not a player.  Though my bucket list is composed of a gazillion extreme things to do, I feel that I still have about a couple of years to gain strength and courage to finally put a huge fat check beside those items on the list.  So it was agreed on that me and Rach would observe while two of my best friends get hammered (talk about an interesting sight).  If at anytime at all we feel that we wanted to give it a shot, they would gladly oblige.  So for everyone's advantage, this water sport would require riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. The sport was originally developed through a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.  The rider would be towed behind a motorboat and in other cases a closed-coursed cable system (like in wakeboard parks), winches, PWCs, etc.

After a dose of Spam and eggs for breakfast, we all got ready.  Hey, did I say I LOVE the beach?  Well I think most of you feel the same.  So can you imagine how excited I was?  Wakeboard or not, a day at the beach would be loads of fun.  We arrived at the One and Only Royal Mirage at exactly 12 noon. Raj, our contact person immediately greeted us at the parking area. He led us to the beach front, and boy was I blown away with the view.  We patiently waited by the shore for the instructor to wrap up his lessons with the student before us.  After a lot of bantering over cold drinks, it was our turn.  We met Rett, and I swear it feels like I was on the set of Baywatch! So here's our day in photos.  I recommend you play 'I'll be ready' by Jimi Jamison while browsing or better yet play the video at the end.
One and Only Royal Mirage
Getting tips from Raj
Wakeboards galore
Amazing view
I've a feeling this is the Skydiving crew
Rona and her wakeboard
Chat and me hitting the sand
Rach getting the feel of it. =)
The waiting area
I swear I forgot this guy's name but he was nice enough to provide us with meaningful pep talk before the session started
Chat was super excited
Rach was obviously having fun =)
My favorite photo of that day. JUMP! JUMP! =)
Waiting for our turn
Fun in the sand
With Chat and Rona
Our little blue and pink boat =)
That's Rett wrapping things up
That's Freddy, the boat captain. =)
Our turn! =)
Loving the pink interior
Getting to know him
Chat =)
The Palm
Getting comfy. =)
Leaving the shore
Seriously watching the action.  Can I do that?!!
The first fall
Picking things up
"Your muscles should be this big Rona." - Charot lang =D
Starting again
Sticking out her tongue, andun ata ang force. LOL!
Finally managed a smile
Naatat na. =)
Sa mga sandaling ito ang daming lumalabas sa mga bibig naming dalawa. hahahaha!
Medyo natulala ako sa mga buildings na to.
On her own. Wooohooo! =)
Rett was encouraging her all the way.
"Hay ang tagal naman ng turn ko."
Palm Jumeirah Monorail
Crazy Rach and Flipping me
Walang pangit na anggulo si Rett. Just saying. =D
I want this for my 30th birthday. Charot!
Sige pa Rona! =)
Now back to muscle talk. Hahaha.
Feeling at home na yung dalawa.
Who cares about wakeboarding, we have this. LOL!
Holding her ankle
Chat's turn!
Seriously listening daw. =)
A difficult start.
First fall.
The catch.
Helping her up.
Parang ang sexy ng fall na 'to. Hahaha.
Reminds me of Gino Padilla's, Closer you and I song. =D
Parang napakadali ng lahat ng bagay kay Rett. =D
The techniques
Finally smiling.
Getting the hang of things
You girls wanna' try?! NOT NOW!
The crew.
Happy happy Rona.
Pedal boats and other stuff.
Wakeboard bindings
Non-stop chika
Rona and Rett. Pwede! =)
They found love. =)
"That feels warm. thank you." =)
Beach bumming = mas masaya.
We decided to take a dip =)
Pwede na bang postcard to? Hahahaha!
Freddy =)
More pep talk
Trying to get myself interested. =)
Giving out pointers, very enthusiastic.
The equipment
Will try this on someday.
See you again very soon. =)
An hour we spent on that boat most certainly made our day.  If you seem interested to try this stuff out and you see yourself as a daredevlish water slasher in the future, I absolutely advise you take lessons.  Don't slash the water unprepared.  Know the right things to do, get the best equipment and learn from the pros.  Lessons at the One and Only Royal Mirage is a bit pricey, but I can only assure you'll get the best care and tremendous patience from the finest instructors.  A 15-minute lesson costs 300 aed. You may call +9714 3999999 for more details.  Thank you Rona, Chat and Rach for that time well spent under the warm winter sun. 

Here's an amateur video I created of that crazy day. I'm sorry for that annoying watermark, can somebody send me a video editing software as a gift. PLEASE. Chos.

"Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt


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"Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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