Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Genius

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My first visit to Kaya's school made me both flustered and excited.  My vacation was just in time for Kaya's issuance of grades and parent teacher conference for the second semester.  I was really looking forward to talk to her teacher and learn more about Kaya's progress.  I'd also wanted to talk to her about our unusual set-up.  That there's a reason why I'm not like other mothers, why I'm not a familiar face in school.  I love to know how Kaya's coping with the distance and how she adapts to school work.  A teacher is said to be a second parent. So this parent teacher thing would really help give me and her teacher an opportunity to work  together as a team in helping Kaya.   

That day Kaya was twice as excited as I am.  She was blabbing non stop during the trip how she knows I'd love Teacher Aiza (her mentor), that she'll tour me around the school, show me her art works and boast her high grades.  I have been hearing a lot of great feedback from her teachers through Ate Sarah (Kaya's nanny) and most often I was wondering if she was exaggerating things (because some news were too good to be true).  I figured this would be the perfect event to ask the real score behind those amazing stories.  
When we stepped in the campus Kaya grabbed my hand and led me to her classroom.  She was a like a tour guide - "Mommy this is where we pass, it's easier because we just have to drag our bags going up." (she said while we were passing by the ramp).  "This is the playground, can you see all those dinosaurs? (she has this fascination for dinosaurs lately.) "This is my room Mommy, there's teacher Aiza, go sit down with the other mommies." - (Oh, taray tinuruan ako ng gagawin ko 'di ba? LOL)!  While waiting for the other mom to finish, I went around the classroom and these are some of the things I saw.
Kaya with teacher Aiza. (finally met her)
Family pictures - Can't help but smile looking at these happy families.  But I had a bigger smile when I saw our family photo.  It has the unusual cast of characters, but for me it's PERFECT.  
Our family =)
My happy happy baby!
Christmas photos (I was super happy mahilig magpicture si teacher, I had reference for those jolly times I missed)
Dress up parade, Kaya came as a fairy.
Busy, busy.
Kaya's BFF
The altar
Play corner
Kids playing
Waste management inside the room - very good!
Noah's ark
What's your answer?
Baby Jesus art
Kaya's drawing
The door
That's her classroom on the left
Enjoying the slide
Hahaha. What a face!
Play fair, play safely.
Showing off her grades! YES!
Pink dinosaur.
One proud momma. =)
One smart kid. =)

When it was my turn, Kaya rushed over to teacher Aiza's side and said, "Teacher, she's my mommy." with a big toothless grin.  I can see how proud she was of me.  Teacher Aiza greeted me with a big smile and she immediately extended her hand, "You're here pala! Finally, Kaya's mommy, so happy to meet you."  That's it, the secret handshake.  The warm welcome that made me ask all those things I needed to know.  She told me Kaya's the smartest in class.  That she always makes a point to sit all the new ones (exchange students) beside her because she'd know how to guide them.  She's like the class' ate.  The teacher told me how she sometimes tease Kaya about her age, "Are you sure you're 5? You're like 25 na kasi eh".  Kaya is always the one encouraging her shy classmates to speak up and join the activities.  Para daw talagang matanda.  That came to me as a surprise considering she's the baby at home.  When she showed me Kaya's grades, the smile never left my face.  She has an average of 98 on the 1st sem and got 97 on the 2nd sem.  She got a freaking 100 in Language!  I know for a fact I didn't have a grade like that my whole life.  

Then came the sad part.  Teacher Aiza told me that she always knew every time I leave the country. She notices because Kaya was in her unusual less energetic self.  Like a concerned parent, she'd ask Kaya what's bothering her and my daughter would answer "I miss my mommy".  It's absolutely heartbreaking.  Physical separation hurts.  That's why I always reassure my kid that we'll always be connected even if we're miles apart.  We 'Skype' almost everyday.  And this blog, she's my number one follower.  She's always the first one to read.  I make sure she knows what  mom's been up to and believe me she gives me sound feedback.  I miss you love.  I miss your devilish angelic face and I can't wait to see you again.  XOXO. 

"A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give."
- Laurel Athedon


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