Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Faith and Food

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Vacation time is family time. Eating out - whether it’s at nice sit down restaurants or a greasy fast food chain, has always been a habit whenever the family's complete. It's a proven money-sucker but we don't really overdo it. It's just that we're certified foodies. So it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that any vacation is going to include great food. While some seek for tremendous adventures, we find ourselves always hunting for a good place to eat. When you go out of town or out of the country, do you make it a point to check out where's the best place to eat? I do, all the time.

Sad thing about moving miles away from home is that aside from my family, I miss the food terribly. I guess I haven't really adapted to the Middle Eastern taste. Never reaching a point where I can eat most Arabic food without saying or thinking "This is so bland!". That's why I'm really thankful for Filipino groceries and restaurants, at least I have them to turn to when I'm tired of awful food. The one good habit I'm proud of is that we always go to church every Sunday. We were just raised like that by my parents. We always wake up early and hear mass before having breakfast, yeah, that early. When I was a kid, I always complain (weekend kaya masarap gumising ng tanghali), but as I grew older I got used to it. 

These simple habits made us want to spend time with each other all the more.  About a month ago we discovered several new restaurants, almost turning this page into a food blog 'cause I just can't help but share our experiences. Yes we're the adventurous foodie type but still we're also creatures of habit when it comes to dining places.  If we find something we like, we tend to keep going back for more. So here are some places we went back to when I was home last month and it appears that indeed, old habits die hard.

Inside St. James the great parish
The altar
Metal fan
FK in church
Dressed improperly for church day, I know.  It's not a Sunday, we just prayed after dad came out the hospital
Christmas Parol!
Flowers along the aisle = A wedding.
Fountain outside
Church facade

Almon Marina - This is one of the regular places they like to go for casual dining.  Sandwiches are their specialty but there are also a variety of food to choose from.  Price is reasonable considering the freshly prepared food and fine service you get from the crew.   

Whoah! Sausages!
Kinatuwa kong makita ang Barilla pasta sa mini store nila =)
Barilla pesto
FK, daddy and mommy
FK's order
Salmon lasagna

Timog Avenue hawker center - I forgot the name of this center but I have been eating here since I was in college.  I was craving for grilled jolog food that night (isaw, bbq, tenga, atay, dugo, etc). Dito ako dinala ni JM at ang dami kong nakain. 

Jay-J's Inasal - Some say it's more of a drinking joint but seriously I don't care. I love their inasal!  It's one of those places where you can get an affordable meal with decent quality of food.  My favorite inasal place has always been Payag in Tagbilaran City Bohol.  I know that's Chicken Inato they serve over there, I don't really know the difference, ang alam ko lang masarap siya. LOL. In Manila, Jay-J's is my top pick for Inasal

Ensaladang Mangga with Talong
Sizzling BULALO FTW! Sobrang favorite ko to.
Oh my GULAY, sarap!
Sobraaang sarap!

La Piadina - You might get intimidated reading this resto's menu, you may of course ask the servers for assistance.  After finally understanding your choices, you'll come to appreciate the wide range of food options.  The dishes are grouped based on the region of origin  - Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, and Toscana.  It's like taking a tour of Italy through the food that they serve.  

Kaya =)

Grissini di PizzaGarlic bread sticks with their own special cheese dip

Kid's meal
Fish for daddy
Pasta Arabiatta

Pancake House - Don's stereotype this place as a mere pancake house.  Daddy always comes here because of the steak.  He wanted to change the name to Steak House nga sana eh, hahahaha.   Sadly, he can't do beef anymore but as I always tell him, "Nakailang steak ka na ba sa buhay mo?  Enough na yun for one lifetime no."  That made him smile.  So I'm glad it was merienda time when we went there, because if it was lunch or dinner I'll definitely order steak and I know it would be hard for dear Jose.  So here's what we ate that day.

Pwede bang mawala to? Crayons!
Busy girl
Seafood Gambero
Oks na si daddy dito
Mac n Cheese for Kaya
Chocolate Marble pancake
Suddenly craving for this. Hay.
Kaya took this pic.
And this too.
My Princess
My turn
Martin Lawrence
And my heart melts. Banana split for dessert

Here I am again utterly torturing myself looking at not so old photos of food, fondest places and my family.  I know it seems pathetic but I kinda' like it.  These photos are great in reminding me how much I love home and the happy times we had there.  It is very important to me as it is helpful to remember the merry hours when I take a recess from the everyday "stuff" that gets in the way.  

"The family that eats and prays together, stays together." - A


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