Monday, February 6, 2012

Antonio's Tagaytay

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We went straight to Tagaytay after our short Batangas escapade.  The plan was to have late lunch at the famous Antonio's.  Living in the south equates to frequent Tagaytay visits but we never tried dining in that restaurant, we have never thought to.  What a disappointment.  So it was probably the right time to do it.  I got the coordinates from the internet and I found myself once again logging in this valuable information on the much reliable GPS device.  We know how to get from Batangas to Tagaytay, we just didn't know where Antonio's is situated (defensive).  

The wind got colder and so we finally reached probably Asia's most pleasant city.  Karen Jacobsen, the "guiding voice" of GPS led us to this narrow road.  I was in doubt at that point and that's when I saw arrow signs.  What a relief that was.  A few minutes more, we were entering a huge gate.  When we got inside, it was just the way I pictured it, an appealing big, old  house.  I'm an old house lover, BIG time.  I don't know why but they just fascinate me.  There seem to be an aura about them, something special to me.  Maybe it's the history, the dwellers or just the structure.  Whatever it is, I can't really hide how I feel whenever I see one.  

Kaya getting cozy
Daddy loves this old "tumba-tumba", reminds me of the one's we have in our Lola's house
JM, Jojie and Kaya
Jam-packed weekend
Getting started
Parang grassheads. =)
She's really into the setting
Endorsing alcohol. Haha.
The view outside
An old chandelier
Afternoon sun
Getting as much sun as we can
Abot ko 'to, abot ko 'to!
One Fine Day
Shirt dress: House of the Gods
Jelly sandals: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Pre-nup ba itech?
Na-fixate sa mga kailawan.
Ang bahay ko. Charot.
Bata sa bintana.
Paborito kong staircase na to. =)
Pre-nup ulit? Hehehe.
Brick floor
I swear wala akong kinalaman sa pose na ito.
Parang meron siyang ginagaya. Hmmm.
Hash brown
Sausage and French toast
Fruit bowl
Sleepy ka Em? =D
 So Hungry!!
Right after my Cafe Ysabel experience I was somehow haunted by chic Ladies' rooms.   I knew it was one of my lucky days when I went inside the you know where.  Had to go out and take the camera with me inside again.  Hahaha.
Hand Basins
For that "one with nature" feel, open window.
Love the floor and the trash bin print
The plant.
I love this stolen shot.
Santan! Sayang di ko nasispsip yung matamis na gitna.
Fish pond
I want to sit by this area next time. 
I love red walls.
Mahiwagang pinto
 Old religious figurines
A wall full of memories
Hinde nakatiis
Pagpasok pa lang gusto na niya sakyan yan eh.
It was a church day (Sunday).  We heard mass at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church.
She was so tired she can't help but doze off.

Eating at this restaurant is a gastronomic delight.  The menu is limited but each offer is tempting.  The price for each tasty meal is not overly expensive given the high quality of food, service and ambiance.  To complete your Tagaytay trip, this I definitely recommend.  I'd like to describe it as an unburdening Filipino dining experience and it's very difficult to find this kind of atmosphere anywhere else in the world.  

Purok 138, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines.
For reservations - 
Contact no.  +63917 8992866

"Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change."

- John Walters


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