Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cafe Lawis

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There is a great little town in the paradise of Bohol.  Dauis is home to the Hinagdanan Cave (at the bottom of the cave it has a natural swimming area filled with natural water), a less known tourist attraction in the province.  Bohol is not all about Chocolate Hills, river cruises, big eyed- creatures and skimpy swimsuits. If you find yourself roaming around the area, give this cozy little cafe a visit.  It offers soothing atmosphere and great food with authentic Filipino touch.  Cafe Lawis is tucked in between the Our Lady of Assumption Church and the sea.  Inside the church, there is a small well in front of the altar where parishioners get water believed to cure illnesses.  

The church is memorable to me - this is where my parents got married, it's bell tower is the only one I got to climb, the only parish where I took catechism classes and this is where I had my first taste of  Flores de Mayo (gather flowers everyday for a month to offer; and my infamous Sagala rampa, hahaha). This church is known for it's dramatic setting.  The ocean flows right into the back and side of it.  How I love spending mornings there.   I'm sure it doesn't make sense, but even for a moment it gives me a taste of the peace I'm craving.

I was just so delighted when I learned that they built a cafe right beside the church.  Before I had to buy chichirya and cola at the store and eat beside the church, now I can still gaze into my favorite view and get to eat great food as well.  The last time I was there, I was pressured into writing something for my Papa Joel's Necrological service as I was appointed as the mistress of ceremonies, how strange is that.  I mean how do you host a Necrological service?  I was really deeming to press on the light mood all throughout the remainder of the program.  So I urged JM and Kaya to come walk with me so I can think straight.  A good 10 minute walk and we were at the entrance of this cafe.  
The entrance
Cafe Lawis/Handumanan (a signage you'll see beside the church)
Picture frames
Flavorful aparador
By the window
Centerpiece - bell tower replica (so creative)
The menu
Love this dilapidated window.
Wash your hands!
This bangka was always here.
Emoterang bagets. =)
Consider this the porch
Seriously? Seryosong seryoso sa pagsusulat.
Her favorite spot
Capiz shell lamps
Halo halo! =)
FK outside, hahahaha.
The peanut sticks made it so Boholano.
The nervous smile. LOL.
Love her look. Minsan gusto kong hiramin ang palda. Top and skirt from Gingernaps.
Feeding time
The hate and love relationship
These lamps look amazing at night.
Sun rays =)
 I really love this place.
My order: Tsokolate eh!
Souffle cake
Keeping things uncomplicated
Shirt dress: Zara
Jelly sandals: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Takaw moment
Nandire, hahaha.
My favorite church guard, palagi kong sinasakyan to.
Señora de la Asunción

It was an easy street writing the program spiels in that cafe.  I got the serenity I need to jot down all the hardest words, saying goodbye.  I'm not good in moving on and leaving things behind or in the past.  I'm sure you've noticed my pathetic succumb to old places and memories.  So I know I really suck at telling people that it's okay to let go.  My speech was so light, parang pang 5 years old.  I made it that way so as not to burden the people that will hear it.  I was really doing great at first, projecting a calm tone.  I was half way through the first paragraph when tears started to fall.  I kept on choking after that, and the rest came as a blur.  Everything else seem like a blur.

"Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm." - Anon


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