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The rise of themed dining: ClawDaddy and Blackbeard's Seafood Island

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My short vacation to the Philippines was filled with unexpected things. First a sad news of an illness followed by coping with shock of losing someone so suddenly. It is in times like this that we turn to a higher being for guidance. On a lighter note there's also one more thing I turn to, food. I'm sure you'll agree with me on this, great food is solid comfort when you're getting through tough times. It is said that comfort food helps relieve anxiety and stress. There's just too much on our shoulders that time. Eating out became a habit since we were always out of the house, leaving early and going home very late.

Life can amuse us in a lot of ways. Who would have thought that in adversity I found pleasure. Pleasure in pain. I honestly presumed this phrase is for masochists. Didn't know I had it in me, hahaha. Again I'm talking about food, I came across restaurants where food is delectable and the ambiance is bravely unorthodox. I've read of these great dining places in food blogs and reviews. I don't usually have the leisure of time to visit these restaurants on my list when I'm on vacation, but now that I'm given this chance, delirious eating is the only way to go.

Themed dining became a popular trend in the metro. From inspired concepts to creative menus, the idea became an instant hit to diners. Young restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo of the Red Crab Group knows all these too well. He envisioned resto concepts that challenged food-loving Filipinos. Raymund is the brain behind Blackbeard's Seafood Island, Heaven 'n' Eggs, ClawDaddy and Murray's New Orleans.

We chanced upon Blackbeard's Seafood Island in Trinoma as we came from a clinic within the area. We were in search for a seafood restaurant so my dad would have a variety choices. The restaurant's theme is all about the ultimate island experience. Imagine getting stuck in an island - you'd have to catch fish and most likely grill it then later on you'll find yourself picking banana leaves and use it as plates. That's exactly the feel this restaurant conveys. My good friend Bong Malong joined us for dinner that night and boy did we have fun eating in a huge banana plate. See for yourself.

The menu

The family

Deciding on what to eat

Mommy and Daddy                                   

Spoon and Fork
Hanging light
...and more
Bong with the fam
Mango shake
Chika na
Losing it
Completely lost it
Something fishy
My favorite
Natulala ako paglapag nito
Tali Beach
Nagutom naman ako dito
Bong, me and JM
Bong's signature "pikit" shot

If you're looking for a unique crab house, note down Clawdaddy as must visit on your list.  Place encourages diners to eat with their hands.  They provide huge bibs so that you don't have to worry about getting stains of your clothes.  You'll also notice the holes at the center of each table.  These are called "claw bins", buckets where you can throw your trash making it a less messy experience.  I love crabs and there's really no fun in eating them without using your hands.  Clawdaddy gave us that worry free dining experience.  Food was great and reasonably priced.  We just came from our Batangas-Tagaytay trip and we passed by Nuvali for dinner to complete our short vacation.  Check out our clawing experience.     
Daddy and Mommy
Corn on a cob
Shelf full of books
Kaya loved this corner
Ayun, nag-read pa
Let's do the claw!
The Road to Yesterday
and another book
Knife and Spoon
Nachos, the perfect starter
Adik sa mais
I love eating with these guys
Starter pa
Singaporean Chili Crab - instant fave

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Salmon for daddy
Happy =)
Time after time
Clawing together
Pleasure in adversity
Ever wonder how comfort food actually comfort us? I think it's all about nostalgia, it reminds us of a special memory. Food also create the sensation that makes us feel safe, calm and cared for. I read in an article that described food as a friend that never ditches us. It reminds us of those who love us, it reminds us of who we are. So when I'm in a far away land, I always seek the foods of home. Hay, I miss Pinas. I miss the great food, most of all I miss family.

"It's comfort food; it's heavy food; it's food for days like today."

~ Jason Rogers


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Quality time it is...

Happy for you..

Kirstz said...

Yes, one of the best restaurants in Laguna is ClawDaddy and Blackbeard's Seafood Island. If we have some time, we go there to eat with family or friends. :)

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