Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My heart belongs to Bohol.

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Forty seven towns and one city, this is Bohol, the province where I grew up. Every child deserve a memorable summer and this place is where I have been spending mine since I was a kid. I learned the language (bisaya jud ko), I love the people - it officially became my second home. Bohol truly is a place that I love and call home — just like any excited kid, I count down the days every year until I get to go back. I remember when my cousins and I jog every morning with sticks (protection against askals - just in case they attack), race each other down on the beach, climb my favorite bell tower and eat every sea creature there is (everything's fresh and tasty).

As I look back on my life, I can clearly remember a lot of 'firsts' that happened in Bohol. My first period - we were playing hide and seek and I thought it was pee (hahaha). My first public performance - Mr. Dreamboy (Sheryl Cruz rocks, LOL!). My first catechism class - I graduated with honors (naks). My first and last "sagala" - I was Queen of Flores de Mayo (joray). My first studio picture - (courtesy of Ramasola photography - uso 'to dati no). My first dog attack - (3 freaking dogs attacked me, never grew fondness for them after that). A lot of other things come to mind, but considering the embarrassment I've to cut my list short.

I miss living in the province - eat my fave dishes, play outside the whole day, sleep early, wake up before the sun rises and get inside the house before the sun sets. How I wish just like me Kaya would also experience the old school fun I had when I was younger. So when we got there I let her have all the fun. She spent most of her time playing with her cousins, except now they have a "play room" very limited compared to our playground which was the whole Poblacion. But then it's never too late to turn it back around, right?
Terminal 3
I love what she's wearing, she looks all grown up.
Top: H&M
Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor
Eyewear: Marks and Spencer
Fun time with Grandpa
Rock on!
Covering dad's catheter with a scarf, so stylish.
We checked in at Bohol Beach Club late for we had to pass by the family houses for Papa Joel.  He's the main reason why we had to go home.  I will write a separately entry about that.  The resort staff were very pleasant considering we arrived at midnight.  I was surprised how gigantic the family suite was.  We all wanted to occupy one room, but we thought baka magtampo yung isang room, so we slept in separate bedrooms. 
Path going to the cottage
Shell lamp
The Family Suite
Pang-horror ang entrance. =D
My favorite piece in the room
Single and double beds.  The other room has one king size bed.
Love that chair.
Bahay ni lola ang peg.
Ceiling fan
Receiving area
Kahoy divider
Patungan ng kung anik anik
Umbrella patungan chorva
Plakda ang bagets
Had to call the nurse that morning because Kaya was feeling feverish. Normal naman ang body temp, maligo lang daw sa dagat ang treatment. =)
Good morning sweethearts!
In front
I can sleep in this thing all day.
This was in front of our cottage.
Finally found our spot.
Getting comfy.
Bet ko ang hair ni Kaya dito.
Nothing beats the white sand in Bohol.
Morning walk. Sweet.
I miss you guys!
Chill na chill si fudra
By the jacuzzi, cottage comes with one. Saya!
Our own version of sand castles.
Tulala lang.
Kumaway pa! =)
Got to ride this!
JM and Kaya
Our turn.
We've got company.

Turning Japanese
Beach front
What we saw
Whale watch bangka
Kuya Bangkero
Mother and child
Love the color of her dress, whoever she is
FK outside
Trying out the camera timer
Last one.
You just can't leave this place.
Low tide
Happy feet shot. =)
Divers galore. Next time I'll try it.
Well kept, that's why it's the cleanest.
I miss walking with her.
By the pool
Third morning here, about to check out.
Ayaw umalis. =(
FK outside. =)
Had a great time here. =)

You may ask what I love most about Bohol, I hate to be vague but I love pretty much everything.  I'm not a well traveled person but I have immense love for other culture and experiences.  My Bohol visits are always like homecoming - all those memories, the familiar smell, the sound of the waves, the sweet language, spaces that excite me.  I'll never grow tired of exploring this beautiful place.  There is no place that I'd rather spend my vacations, and hopefully  my retirement.  Bohol is home and will always hold my heart.  

"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person."  ~Alec Waugh


Anonymous said...

nice place yah?

its simple beauty capture every guest ...

same as you...

lester 24
Tagbilaran city, Bohol
Abu Dhabi , UAE

Miejay Madla said...

Best place on earth! Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

when i am reading your blogs..

it feels your talking to me..

la lang,

just amazed how u narate..

Anonymous said...

small world mechie...

kaya's nurse was my Colleague before when i was in bohol...

maybe kaya was just adjusting with the new-fangled climate..


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