Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sentro 1771 in the Metro

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I'm so sorry for flooding this blog with endless food entries.  Today is Vday and I'm obviously skipping the night out.  I know that everyone's busy planning dates and parties and I'm just going to be home sulking on my bed.  While I give this day to all the lovers out there, you might want to spend the night in this bold and exquisite restaurant in the middle of the metropolis.  Sentro is my favorite of the restaurants we ate at in the Philippines. Loved it so much, we ate there twice.  Described as "first in modern Filipino cuisine", they bravely serve delightful Filipino dishes with a daring twist.  Have you ever tried "Sinigang na Corned Beef?', sounds weird I know but the taste wouldn't fail to surprise you.  A bowl of this signature dish would absolutely warm your heart.  

I took the longest time deciding what to order, I seriously wanted to try almost everything.  I was delighted at the array of interesting choices.  So after an exhausting day of hospital and clinic hopping, a generous dinner at this cozy place is sure rewarding.  Check out how we shamelessly overate. 

 I'm so lucky to have my picture taken with the Fat kid outside! =D Sikat!
    A little piece of the menu
  Can your spot SENTRO in this art piece?
 At its busiest
 Carinderia-like counter  
 Siblings get a long at times...
 ...but not always.
  Sibling Rivalry =)
 Sentro 1771
 Painted glass
 The old clock
  Sago't Gulaman
 Vegetable Spring Rolls
Rated GG
Galunggong fillet fried in garlic oil topped with browned garlic
  Garlicky Adobo
A mix of pork and beef with toasted garlic tinged with annatto seeds
 Honey garlic pork spareribs
Stir Fried Noodles with Vegetables

  Kami lang ni JM ang ready, yung mag-asawa sleepy. =D
Sentro 1771
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. No. 856-05-81 or 0917-814-77-94
Email: sentroserendra@gmail.com

It was shopping day and we were in urgent need of energy boosters.  It was the first time my dad dived into the shopping arena after starting treatment.  He was as excited as we were.  He was feeling great.  So to make sure we'll have enough energy we need, lamon galore muna.  We were in Greenbelt Mall 5 and we walked all the way to Greenbelt 3 just to have a taste of Sentro's merienda meals.  I was able to take a peek at the merienda picks from our last dinner there and the food thoughts kept rattling around my head.  It was a unanimous decision, all in favor of spending the afternoon at Sentro.  I wasn't able to bring a camera that day so I took all photos from my baby bro's reliable Blackberry.
 Let's get ready to rumble!
 Tamarind Slush - nabaliw ako dito, adik kasi ako sa sampaloc. =)
 Sentro 1771
 Butong pakwan - paputlaan ng labi 
Kusinero pasta 
Spaghetti, tuyo flakes in garlic oil, red bell pepper, parsley - can be spicy or mild 
Babalik-balikan ko 'to!

Smoked fish spring rolls
A fresh lumpia of tinapang bangus, salted egg, mustasa, onions and tomato

Sub GG: Galunggong Submarine Sandwich
Fried galunggong fillets in garlic olive oil, lettuce, tomato and green papaya atsara

 Keso Flan
 Red egg and keso on the side
Here goes my banyo queen craze again.  Can't help but share these photos.  I just developed a recent fixation for attractive banyos. 
 Loving the red chair beside the bowl.  Pwede mong paupuin friend mo dito tapos chikahan kayo.
 Merienda 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Mother dear, I miss! =)

Food tasted great and I would definitely come back to try out other specialties like the Fried Kesong Puti that I heard so much about.  Now that I'm unable to do that, do yourself a favor and go there. The staff are attentive, the ambiance is unthreatening and the food is excellent, one the best Filipino food I've eaten anywhere!  A few hours left before this insane day is over, I suggest you celebrate or "uncelebrate" this day with good food.  Cook at home or dine out it doesn't matter, for as long as you share it with the ones you love.  

Sentro 1771
Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
(02)757-3940 / (0917)866-0449
“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
- George Bernard Shaw


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