Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas lunch at Dean and Deluca.

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.  Celebrating Christmas in this country is tough, it's hard to get in the spirit of things.  There is something really sad about spending Christmas here, not seeing my family is obviously the culprit, and the fact that the neighborhood and surroundings doesn't show any trace of festivity drags you down even more.  A lot of us celebrate the holidays, but to most it was just an ordinary Sunday.  You have to go to church or to a mall if you want to feel all 'Christmas-y'.  

Since we'll always have a special place in our hearts for Christmas season, Patur, Rach and I promised to make the most out out it.  So this comes with big thanks to our bosses who gave us an off that day.  On the plan was a very relaxing brunch so we could catch up and a calming view that we tend to overlook because of our busy lifestyle.  So when everything was set I was so happy, finally there was something to look forward to on Christmas morning.

In celebration of a season where almost everyone loves to eat, we chose the name famous in gourmet.  Dean and Deluca is a specialty food store that offers exceptional quality fine food, coffee, baked goods, kitchenware and gifts.  Flagship store was opened in SoHo, New York in 1977. 

Check out our Dean and Deluca experience.
My beautiful friends, Rach and Patur
Patur =)
Rach checking out the menu.
 Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. =)
Menu (hardbound, LOVE!)
One day NY, just you wait. =)
She's like reading a book right?
Keeping me warm - Cappuccino
Strawberry Milkshake
View of the Burj Khalifa from where we were seated
Dancing fountain
Spot the rainbow!!!
Fruit platter - Papayas are to die for.
Cream of Mushroom Soup
My favorite: Prawn, Mango and Avocado salad. YUMMY!
Cold breeze was really relaxing
The grocery shop was not as big as the ones in the US.  Still, we found a lot of interesting things.  We couldn't help but bring some of these exciting finds home with us.
Sauces! SOSSY!
My favorite rack - herbs and spices =)
Chips and drinks
Bags =)
Bling H2O
More bags
Jams =)
Anything girls?
Debating over water
"Herb is the healing of a nation." - Bob Marley (I was referring to Thyme and Sage)  =D
Napaluhod ako ng cook book na to =)
Giggly Rach =)
After eating and a little grocery shopping, it was time to play tourist.  It's Christmas day and it's a perfect time to appreciate beauty around us. So here, we stopped and smelled the flowers.  Here are some photos we took.  Excuse the duplicate shots, we just wanted to really capture the moment (or something to that effect, hahahaha).
Contestant no. 561
Dress: Zara
Pumps: Steve Madden
Cardigan: Mango
Contestant no. 437
Dress: Abercrombie and Fitch
Cardigan: Forever 21
Pumps: Steve Madden
Bag: LV Monogram Speedy
 Contestant no. 645
Dress: Abercrombie and Fitch
Cardigan: Topshop
Sandals: Aldo
Sunnies: Rayban
Bag: Juicy Couture
Blessed to have them in my life. =)

Spending time appreciating the lamp posts. =D
The bridge connecting Souk Al Bahar to the Dubai Mall
Turista!!! LOL!
Burj Khalifa =)
The Address
"Let's just cross the bridge..."
"...when we get there."
Appreciating the pole. =)
These heels are made for walking. =)
Rach forcing a smile. =)
Burj Khalifa for the nth time. =)

How BARE you! =)
Patricia =)

Pole madness. =)
Beautiful! =)
Rachell =)
This must be her favorite shot! =)
Jump shot ng naka-heels! Kaya mo yan?

Last Christmas I surrounded myself with people I love - people that I can be myself with.  Christmas is a time of happiness and beliefs.  And right now I believe in love for family and close friends.  I think many of us take this for granted most of the time and I was definitely guilty of that.  As I was contemplating about my life for the past years and a big part of that is the relationship I had with others.  I believe in what Jesus stands for. I believe there is goodness in people.  Love transcends all - even the worst of calamities, the fear of being alone, the harshness of disabilities, even the rarity of happiness.  

Happy Christmas everyone.  Even if it kills you do your best to be with those you love, and even if you find it so difficult, love the ones your with.

"Remember, this December, that love weighs more than gold."

- Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon


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love it! merry xmas!

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