Sunday, December 18, 2011

My dad's BIRTHDAY! I believe it's mine too.

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Celebrating my dad's special day was like riding an emotional roller coaster.  In a single day, I got to feel so many emotions.  All I know was that I only had two choices, hold on and scream at the top of my lungs or wave my hands frantically in the air and just have fun.  Either way, I just have to ride it.  And that day I decided to ride it with courage.  

My dad is very important to me, so when I was still living with him, I always make sure he felt extra special every year on his birthday.  Now that I'm not in a favored position to play "fairy godmother", I settled for a meaningful phone conversation (with a pail of tears on the side of course) and I really planned to stay at home and pin myself to the bed.  

Cabana at The Address
Thursday night, my friends Patur, Rona and Aina proposed we have coffee.  After minutes of persuasion I finally agreed.  We were suppose to try out Armani Cafe at The Address.  My friend Rach was at The Address too having a Christmas party with her officemates.  I was constantly keeping in touch with her because I know how parties like this gets her drunk.  Party started around 2:30 pm and at that time her messages became unreadable.  Forgetting how to spell means my friend is obviously not sober, so we all agreed to pass by the Cabana at The Address, discreetly grab her and go on with our coffee date.  

When we reached the venue, things turned our a little differently.  As expected Rach was clearly in a different state of existence.  We failed to nab her as we originally intended on doing, instead we were the ones captured.  Thanks to that Bershka contest, I think almost everyone in that party knows me.  I just hate that feeling.  I was left with no choice but to talk to every stranger that approached me.  That's when the drinks started to pour in.  I had to drink to hide the shame I'm feeling.  

So here are some photos I grabbed from Jam's camera.  I think I was pretty successful in hiding my embarrassment right?  
They call him "Uncle Keith". It was nice to finally meet him. It was like partying with dad.
Jamna! Thanks for everything. Mwah!
Patricia's new admirer with Ate Guia
What a face!
The gang. They made me feel so at ease.
With Rach and Matt. Hmm. 
Ramil and Uncle Keith. Cuteness.
A little Salsa on the side.
Ahahahahaha. Go Patricia!
Patricia, Duncan and Jam
Ramil and Me
The best hostess ever.
Sober or not?
 Ramil and Patur
After 2 million rounds of Cosmo.
I can do this.
Patur, Jam and me
Us Girls ang peg
Bunny Patricia! Woohoo!

Back at home
After partying hard with complete strangers, it was time to go home.  I didn't know "something" was cooking at our place.  Hats off to my sneaky, sneaky friends.  Thank you for serving the food I cooked, kaya nyo pala ako pinagluto ha. LOL!  Thanks Chat, Rach, Rona, Patur, Kaan, Reza, Aina and Jan for reminding me it's my birthday.  Oh yes guys, my dad and I share the same birthdate.  So, it's my birthday too but I'm trying damn hard to forget it.  Talk about denial stage.  I didn't have enough energy to eat and drink more.  I think I passed out really early.
3 cakes, Rhezz was undecided, hahahaha.
All I want for my birthday is...
I really don't know. =)
Midnight snack
Sweets =)
Rach is in Cloud 9. =)
Ahahahaha. Ichura.
Rhezz and Patur, thank YOU!
Chicken ala Miejay. I cooked this!
My Jologs pasta sauce.
Red, yellow and green =)

Texas Roadhouse at The Dubai Mall
I didn't know there was a surprise brunch the following day.  I was really not in the mood to do anything.  Oozing with "oldy-ness" lang.   So I screwed up their secret mission, left the house early and seek comfort in good old fashioned retail therapy.  I went mall hopping that day, feasting my eyes on clothes, accessories and shoes.  For a couple of hours, I forgot all about my pag-iinarte.  After my shopping fantasy, it was time to get back to reality to celebrate my birthday with my special friends.  I wasn't even prepared for the dinner, I was stuck wearing my mall clothes so pardon my haggard look.  

At least I got to choose the restaurant.  I was craving for steak so I picked out Texas Roadhouse.  I've heard  they brag about their steaks, ribs, sides and bread, so might as well give them a shot. Food was great.  I love everything on our table.  I had a hard time choosing which one to try first.  Turned out everything was delish.  

One of my best friends, Tine is celebrating her birthday too.  So we have that "yearly pledge" to celebrate our birthdays together.  So the whole gang was there.  Well not nearly everyone, haven't had time to invite my other friends because I was kept in the dark during the planning stage.  So I sincerely apologize to my friends whom I invited for dinner at home.  I didn't know there was no such thing.  I'll make it up to you next time I promise. 
These buns are perfect, except for the Cinnamon glaze on top. (I hate Cinnamon)
Crunchy nuts
Rona and Rach
I love you guys.

Chat and Rach, thank you so much!
Birthday Girls
Berry Bonanza, Rach's concoction. =)
Potato skins and Jalapeno balls. YUMMY!!!
With sour cream dip.
Birthday daw nya. ahahahaha.
Love these girls. =)
T-bone steak to die for.
Sirlion steak with Baked Potato
Beef brisket with mashed potato
Thank you guys!
Surprise ride.
Celebrants are required to ride the saddle at Texas Roadhouse
Everyone was clapping and shouting "Yee-ha!" Talk about embarrassing. =)
At least my plaid top matched the saddle. Cowboy ang peg. LOL!
Having a hard time finishing the food.

Birthdays equate to presents.  Here are the things I got this year.  Sometimes it's a good thing to have your birthday on Christmas month because almost everyone was in the mood for gift giving.  So to my loving friends, thank you for the unending surprises and these great gifts.  I'm so lucky to have you guys around.  I love you to bits.  
Kiehl's lip balm. LOVE.
 It's yummy too!
Big Beach Bag from Bloomingdales.  Something I can use on my vacay. 
I call this the "Shake body body dancer dress" from H&M 
Suits me. Shirt from Pull and Bear.
 Jelly Flip Flops by Vivienne Westwood (the queen of punk) for Melissa. SUPER LOVE.
Let's go Organic! A box of Apple Juice! Woot woot!
Cambridge cracked fluoro yellow satchel. Happiness.

You might be wondering how dad celebrated our day.  They ate at Union Jack Tavern at Festival Mall in Alabang.  Steak, lamb, fish and chips.  Hey we're family, we got the same taste in food.  Photos taken by JM's phone camera.  
Kaya rockin' it out for grandpa.
Mommy and daddy. So sweet.
UJT waving the British flag

It's been years since dad and I celebrated our birthday together.  Ever since I decided to start life on my own, I miss him more.  When I go home really late, I sometimes wish he was there opening the door for me and giving me "the look".  No questions, just the look that shoots me right in the heart.  He was just so protective that he can't sleep well whenever I'm out with friends or whoever (talk about the disgraceful daughter, LOL).  It gets me annoyed before, but now that I'm 21 (ahem. ahem.) I secretly wish I was still living with him.  

I miss you daddy. I'll see you very soon old man.  I love you. Happy Birthday.

"A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again."  ~Enid Bagnold


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