Friday, December 9, 2011

Always Fresh: Tim Hortons

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I'm a coffee addict. Waking up earlier than usual on a Friday deserves nothing but an indulgent coffee fix.  I was frazzled and a bit grumpy but I decided to hit the showers anyway.  There's a new coffee house in town and it was worth a try.  Actually, it' rather old.  In 1964, national hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade founded Tim Hortons and it became the largest food service operator in Canada.  Soon enough the franchise spread in the US and this year they penetrated the UAE.  

We finally reached Tim Hortons at Sheikh Zayed road and boy the place was bustling.  When we got there a long line outside the shop welcomed us.  We waited for about 15 mins before we got to order.  Thank goodness for the cold breeze, the long wait didn't agitate me at all.  

Tim Hortons
 Sheikh Zayed Rd.
 Situated beside Starbucks Coffee. Threatful competition?
 The long line
 Chat and Kuya Mark
 More coffee!
 Doughnut haven
 The menu. Breakfast all day!
 Cozy couches
 Modern interior
 Breakfast date? =)
 The cue inside. See, cool pa rin si Chat.
 I know, these goodies are so irresistible.
 Muffins, croissants and cookies
 Diet disaster

On our table: Bagel B.E.L.T., Hash browns, Cheese Croissant, Tuscan Turkey Panini, Blueberry Fritter, Hot Chocolate and Iced Cappuccino. Everything was a hit but the Bagel BELT was my instant fave.  It was so yummy.  
 Blueberry Fritter
 Cheese Croissant
 Tuscan Turkey Panini, Hash Brown, Bagel BELT
Halfway through.
Overate, now what?

So I ate like a wolf.  I finished everything in 10 minutes. LOL.  In fact we ate too much that we were all silent after the meal.  There wasn't enough energy left to chat.  The food and coffee was okay, I'm not really sure if I was just mad hungry or the food was really great.  It's not a horrible substitute for Starbucks though, I mean if you're tired of the usual choices.  Will definitely give it a second shot.

You may visit also check their website if you want to starve yourself. 

“Life is very much like coffee - the aroma is always better than the actuality.”
Born to Kill (1947) – Albert Arnett (Walter Slezak) 


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