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Last Friday we raced to the Dubai Airport Expo to watch 'Showtime'.  Watching TV shows as such in TFC has become a daily stress reliever.  When I was still in the Philippines, I seldom watch shows in the local channels.  Back then, watching the news was enough for me.  When I came here, I became a sucker for these programs.  Watching TFC makes me feel closer to home.  In general, Filipinos like to laugh, sing, dance, gossip and hit on each other and I believe 'Showtime' is a fusion of all these. The genius part of Showtime is the encouragement viewers feel whenever they watch the show.  Who knew such a varied group of people all secretly craved to learn to perform (sing, dance, act, etc.)?  That's just one reason the show became and instant hit to us Pinoys.  Even the live audience took time in preparing themselves for a possible 30 seconds of fame. I remember two of my friends, Jamie and Stacey we bumped into them outside the venue.  Jamie was like, "Napuyat kame kagabe kakaisip nung Sample Sample namin!".  We were just kidding around of course, but I have to admit for a split second there I was a bit paranoid knowing that I don't have a ready 'sample' at hand, hahahaha!  

We arrived early at the venue and it didn't surprise me that a lot of Filipinos were scattered around the area.  I bet they were excited as we are.  The show started with different activities from the sponsors.  There was a film viewing followed by games.  There were also a number booths giving out goodies.  

 Arriving at the venue
On me: Blazer: Zara
Top: Bershka
Shorts: American Eagle
Pumps: Steve Madden
   VIP! Wootwoot!
On Rach: Top-Bayo
Shorts: American Eagle
Belt: Stradivarius
Satchel: Asos
Flat pumps: Christian Louboutin
 Rona and Chat 
 Fellow viewers
 I forgot this movie's title
 Libreng Star Studio magazine
 Pond's booth
  Chat doesn't even know why she went to this booth
  Ayun naman, goodies from LBC pala ang habol
 Eto na, nainip na ako.
 Makapagpapic-ture na nga lang. =)
   Super fun chit chat with Jamie and Stacey. They taught me the "game face". LOL!
 Rach and Rona
 Yes, we went out to grab late lunch. =)
 It's Showtime
  Chat, suki ng Western Union. ahahahaha.
 Rona's tayo ang TFC moment
 Favorite naming gawing tourist spot and TFC banner. =)
   Rach and I 
Us again

After hours of waiting, finally Mel Feliciano came on stage to teach us "the moves".  I honestly don't have a talent in dancing because I don't really listen to dance music and I don't go clubbing.  The only chance you'll see me dance is when I'm terribly drunk.  So it was really an effort to dance side by side complete strangers.  But the h*ll with that, I just took a deep breathe, stripped off my inhibitions and followed whatever it was that Mel was doing on stage.  Surprisingly, I had fun.  It created a sort of freedom in my head.  Here are some snaps of the Showtime Kapamilya stars.    

Mel Feliciano - It was fun dancing with him.  He instantly warmed the crowd's hearts.  He even made us believe it was Coco Martin coming on stage when in reality he was just introducing himself.

DJ M.O.D. - He was situated at the back so I didn't get to see him that well.  He was having fun spinning tracks.
Jon Avila - One of the 'hurados".  Vice Ganda was bickering and teasing him all night.

 Hurados Jon and Karylle. Mr. Danny Buenafe was the other judge, he was at the far right so it was hard to take a photo of him.
Karylle's sample
Kuya Kim Atienza - He's the most playful of the hosts.  You'll find him everywhere.  We even caught a photo of him climbing a pole.  Ang cute cute niya.

Karylle - She had the most samples that night as she was Vice Ganda's eye candy.  She was wearing this fall season's color, glittery silver.  Photos below were taken while she was performing her single, OMG.

Billy Crawford - He is such a talented guy.  I've known him as the small kid in That's Entertainment and I didn't expect he can perform so well. Nakaka-starstruck siya.  Photos below were taken while he was singing his single, Bright Lights.  
Vhong Navarro - He is so funny.  I really like how he nailed his punchlines, very natural and effective.  And boy, he CAN dance.  Photos below were taken while he was performing a medley of hits.  I really enjoyed his number.

Teddy Corpuz - He is the vocalist of the band Rocksteddy.  I find him very amusing and charming plus he sings very well.  Photos below were taken while he was performing.

 Jugs Jugueta - Itchyworms' lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, always has a smile on his face.  Photos below taken while he was performing Itchyworms' single, Beer.  

Vice Ganda - Gandang ganda ako sa kanya.  I just couldn't help but tweet him after the show.  This guy knows how to set the party mood.  I was laughing my ass out during the show because of him.  He totally made my night.

Anne Curtis-Smith - Ang pambansang Dyosa.  I was in awe, she is so damn beautiful.  Rach took about 500 photos of her and she was pure beauty on each and every shot.  The green vintage skirt was so elegant and the body hugging belt made the outfit perfect.  Photos below were taken while she was singing 'Alone'.  Naloka ako sa pagka-baliw nya, pambaliwag university talaga.  


Here are more snaps during the show.


Spotted! Showtime's creator and director, Bobet Vidanes on stage after the show.  

After show choo-choo.


I'm sure my fellow Pinoys had fun watching the show live.  The program finished a bit late and we forgot how hungry we were.  Rach, Chat, Rona and I had the best time and we were in high spirits until we reached home. To the Showtime gang, thank you for the great time.  

Photos were mostly taken by Rona Puquiz and Rach Bonanza. Some were taken by Chat Recardo and me.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
Charlie Chaplin


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