Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday greetings from the Desert.

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Christmas in most home begins on the night of December 24.  Christmas Eve in the Philippines is a combination of a lot of traditions - going to church, dinner, opening presents, etc. This year in order to survive Christmas, I did thing that always worked for me - I cooked.  I have work that day, but I didn't mind.  Tired as I was, I still opted to be in charge of dinner preparations.  I needed something to get my head off the unending saga of yet another Christmas away from home.  

So there I was - listening to a Christmas playlist, chopping mushrooms, discussing random stuff with my friends while trying to fight back the tears.  Crazy.  I finished a little early as scheduled for I got all the help I need from the girls.  I was really hoping I could cook more to kill time.  I was tempted to bake a cake, but my boss gave me one already - so ugh, olats.  So there's nothing left to do but to bravely welcome Christmas day doing all these traditions.  Last year my parents, JM and Kaya visited me for the holidays. We got to spend Christmas together here in Dubai. I miss them all so much.  Good thing I'm surrounded with special people.  My dear friends, I can't thank you enough for keeping me alive and sane as always.  

Here's what happened that night.
Goofing around with Rona, Rach and Chat
Green bell pepper, portobello mushroom, garlic and onions
Red and White sauce (ooops, my kodigo in sight!)
Chicken ala Erwan
Sarap to the Bones!
Chat helping out
Rona - Soon to be Chef!
The menu:
Garlic Roasted Mushroom
Chicken ala Erwan
Seafood Pasta (Red + White Sauce)
Black Forest Cake

Ham = Heaven
Garlic Roasted Mushroom
This has got to be the crowd's favorite
Organic Pasta (masubukan lang)
Seafood pasta
A closer look
Black Forest cake from Paul
A gift from my boss
Topped with dark chocolate. I LOVE.
Rach, getting ready to lamon. =)
Christmas Princesses
Chat = Buday
Loving the headwork! =)

We still have a few hours left before midnight so we decided to 'camwhore' while waiting.  We enjoyed it so much. Kitang-kita naman sa pictures.
Isipin kung alin ang naiba. =)
With Uno and the farm family =)
Nakakasawa na mga mukha namin! =D
Chat loves to tease Rach. 
The Princesses and the toys. =)
It was time to open our presents.  It was hard not to have a gut feel as to the gifts we gave each other.  To Rachell, Chat, Rona, Patricia and Kaan, thanks for your kindness.  I super love your gifts!  
Enemies forever.
Nice shirt. 
Naughty or nice?
Rach - super excited.
She loves polka dots!
Tuwang tuwa si Bona =)
Woot! Woot!
Unhappy me.
If you want to be the Grinch, do this.  My gift was wrapped in my own tumbler. ahahaha. Supah supah nice Skull TOP! Thanks guys! =)
Now Rona's unhappy. LOL!
Happy Pala!
Aloha Minnie! =)
Perfect Fit.
Mga Aguinaldo! =)
Last one
Nice sneakers!
Sinong napa-lipstick? LOL.

Tine came over for a visit that night.  Too bad we weren't able to take photos with her.  It was late when we finished our chikahan filled and alcohol free night.  It was nice to spend Christmas with my closest friends in a foreign land.  I'm blessed to have them.  It would have been perfect if my family was around.  So wherever you are and whatever you are eating, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. 

"The only real blind person at Christmas-time is he who has not Christmas in his heart." — Helen Keller


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