Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Office Supplies, Surprise!

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At work, I spend most of my time in a 6 x 8 cubicle.  The workplace is probably where I spend most of my time.  It is where I get to interact and mingle with people who likes me, hates me or even ignores me.  Endless hours of getting intimate with my desktop, listening to deafening shrills of the twin, inhaling second hand smoke from my boss' Marlboro reds (he has smoking privileges inside the office, tsk) and keeping up with incessant tasks and responsibilities.  I know mine is not the crappiest job on earth - I mean my office is about 4000 miles away from home considering too that I might die young because of smoke inhalation, nevertheless I always do my best to generally like my job.  I thought if you don't want to feel misery, you should train yourself to be happy.  I've been taking the happy pill (a product of my imagination) for more than 3 years now, so I guess it's effective.  

Unlike most companies, ours doesn't have team buildings, out of towns, Christmas parties or get togethers.  No stopping to smell the flowers, no walk in the park, no happy hours - basically, it's all work and no play.  On the bright side, our boss never forgets birthdays, well thanks to Ate Madz (his PA).  We get this 'Birthday Lunch Showcase' annually.  So yesterday was mine and Ate Lorie's treat day.  It was her birthday last Nov. 30 and mine was just days ago.  Ate Madz announced in the morning that we'll all have lunch together at 1 pm.  I didn't bother asking what the occasion was,  I'm just glad lunch was free (PG moves, LOL).  

So when we all went to the conference room, a table full of food and a cake with my name on it welcomed me.  I can't believe it until finally everyone was pouring on their greetings.  My only reaction was, "Ay, ako ba?'.  What a stupid reaction. 
Ate Lors and me - Ate Fred taking our photo. (Someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo.)
Our birthday cakes
My officemates
This was me after saying, "Ay ako ba?" ahahahha.
Lito lito na.
The terrible two, hunky naman. LOL.
I just love this shot. I ought to call this "Ang babaeng nawawala sa sarile sa harap ng pagkain."
My friends at work
Chikahan habang lumalafuks
Iranian food
The grilled lamb is my favorite
Ate Lorie's cake
Michelle daw eh, so akin to. =)
Yiheee! =)
Happy gels.
I only ate the icing on my cake.
Attack of the animal officemates.
Yes, slicing. Parang cake ceremony lang.
Ate Lorie slicing.
Our fashion na fashion boy next door, Kuya MIKE! =)
The gang. Thank you guys!
I love eating cake from my face. LOL.
With the big boss. Thank you!
Birthday naman eh, kaya oks lang magCAMwhoring =)
Sa dami ng kinain ko, hinde ko na kaya mag-cake look. =)

Photos were grabbed from Ate Madz's camera and Ate Fred's iPhone.

I'm so grateful to have gotten to know such interesting and crazy people here in my workplace.  They were my constant companions during stressful, hectic, boring, sad and blissful days.  I couldn't have survived without them. Cheers to more years with you - that's minus some years (shortened lifespan) because of air pollution.  Yesterday was such a lovely day.

"Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert." -Bertie Charles Forbes


Anonymous said...

Is-singit ko na to..

Hapey birthday.


Miejay Madla said...

Thanks a lot! =)

Anonymous said...

very welcome...

hows workplace? healthy.....

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