Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Things.

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I spent the first day of the year doing what I've always loved - SHOPPING!  I shopped mostly for my family, okay, so I got like 3 items for myself but I think that's rather small and insignificant.  Mother dear was supposed to come visit me here in Dubai for a week but then she was late for her flight and the stringent immigration officer did not allow her to board the plane.  Stressed out and frustrated, she chose to cancel the entire booking.  She was thinking that maybe there's this strong force preventing her from taking the trip - first the visa (it took a while before it got to us) and now this. 

I have to admit, I was disappointed.  We were 'skype-ing' on New Year's day and I can't help but cry.  They were all laughing at me (see why I love them?).  When everything was calm, we went straight to business.  With a pen and a paper at hand, we started creating the shopping list.  Shopping actually sums up mother's assumed itinerary and since she's not coming over, I had to do it all by myself.  Thanks to my great friend Chat, I didn't have to go through it alone.  At least, dalawa kaming na-stress. Hahaha!  Actually, it was not at all stressful.  We had tons of fun. 

All these is also in preparation for  my '10 day challenge'. I can't reveal what the challenge is about yet because I need to keep it a secret from some people.  Things will unfold in the next couple of days.  For now, let me just share with you my productive and highly stimulating New Year's day.  

Here are some of my great finds for 2012, for my fam of course.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Fab Gear - When I saw this book, hinde ko na binaba. The Fab Four in their fab outfits, swak na swak kay Jose. =)
A book by my dad's fave author, Tom Clancy
Bilin ni Jose - Harman Kardon audio entertainment chorva =)

Lacoste Challenge Refresh for daddy. Super refreshing ang smell. Bet ko.
For JM - Gucci Guilty. Manly smell. Sobrang bango lang.
iGUy for Kaya's Ipad. Available in other colors. I'm sure betchikels nya to. I highly recommend this for your kids' iPad.
For Kaya - napakahilig kumanta kahit di alam ang lyrics. So I thought this would really suit her. =)
For JM - Beats pro. I don't even know what he's going to do with this.
Ang bitter ko lang dahil sobrang bigat nito, nasa carry on bag ko 'to sa sobrang dami ng dala ko. Ang suggestion pa ng magaling kong kapatid isabit ko daw sa leeg ko. HUWAAAT!??!

For Mudrakels - kahit ano daw na bagelia. This is her first Vuitton. Excited siya for sure. =)

This past month has been crazy for me.  I've been preparing for a lot of important things.  This shopping errand is minuscule compared to the challenges I've to face for the next couple of days.  I'm braving a dilemma that I wasn't really expecting to come this early in the year.  Whatever happens I promise to unleash the stronger me this year. 

Cheers to 2012! As for my 10 day challenge, get ready to be wowed.

"Cheers to New Year and another chance for us to get it right."
- Oprah Winfrey


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