Monday, January 30, 2012

Even the best fall down SOMETIMES.

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SOMETIMES. My dad is fond of horse racing, I grew up watching races at San Lazaro, which was near our home then. I love how my father bribes me with food (as in parang eat all you can) just so we can stay longer at the race track. As time went by, I actually enjoyed watching the races. There was even a time that I got to pick out which horse to bet on and I was so damn proud when they finish first. I also came to knew the best horses in the field, even the jockeys I was familiar with all their names too. It was an unusual father-daughter bonding time, but honestly I enjoyed every bit of it. One thing I learned from the track was that even the best horses have off days. I have two favorite horses back then - Real Top and Wind Blown. They weren't always perfect - they didn't win all the time, but those two were the best horses I knew.

My dad was the strongest man on earth for me. And like a sturdy horse, he had his share of weak days. I'm just glad I was beside him when he felt powerless. He was diagnosed with a Chronic Kidney Disease, doctor said it must have been brought about by his Hypertension which he has been nursing for 23 years now. We didn't see it coming, but somehow the symptoms were there we just didn't know it could lead to something as severe as this. It all happened too fast. We went to the Nephrologist as soon as I came home with his lab results at hand. We knew beforehand his Creatinine and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) levels are way beyond normal. His former doctor was hoping medicating would still improve his condition, but when the symptoms worsen we sought a second medical opinion. His new doctor immediately suggested Hemodialysis treatment. The treatment will remove waste such as Creatinine, BUN and free water from the blood because the kidneys failed to do so. There are several side effects to this treatment but those are comparably miniscule as to what could happen if he doesn't start with this remedy. Fear was the first thing I felt upon hearing all these. That's because I knew less of this medication. Then I learned that starting dialysis doesn't mean ending my dad's life. It's just altering it a bit 'cause he has to show up for treatment twice a week so he can live his normal happy life. Those two days a week will make the rest of daddy's life possible. On those regular days he can be reasonably energetic, work, exercise, eat well and look as healthy as anyone else. So how long can a person live on dialysis? I think the answer is as long as they need to, want to, or as long as they can. My dad lives a happy life and we would love to keep him for as long as he can. Regardless of health, we wouldn't know what could happen to us tomorrow. A piece of advice dear reader, live a happier life.

Day 1: National Kidney and Transplant Institute (East Avenue, Diliman Quezon City) - Fistula and Catheter insertion.  AV Catheter will temporarily be used for Hemodialysis while waiting for the Fistula to be ready. The procedure took an hour to finish.
Where it all began
Iwas paputok!
Doctor's Lounge
Busy sa pag-update si Mother
Something random I saw
Chika chika and more chika
Fat bro at the waiting area. LOL.
Day 1: After the insertion of the fistula and catheter we went straight ahead to St. Luke's Q.C. for admission.  The doctor wanted to monitor daddy during his first shot of the treatment.  He stayed there for three days.  
Ang mahiwagang vault
The bed
Side table
Pinilit kong pumayat. =)
Mother lafangga. =)
Snooping inside daddy's wallet, we found this. SWEET! =)
Boredom strikes!
In hard times like this, you'd need all the support you can get from all those people you love and care for.  And when you see and feel them around you, it somehow eases the burden of fear and doubt in our hearts.  So I'd like thank all those people who extended their love and concern for my father.  My family and friends in Dubai, who has been constantly sending messages.  My cousins in Mindoro who called, sent messages and came over to the hospital to visit daddy.  Sayang, di tayo nakapagpapicture.  I've learned the importance of carrying a camera whenever and wherever you are.  I will tell you more about it later.   My family in the US, Ireland, Middle East and Bohol who were praying for my dad's recovery, it really meant a lot.  Thank you for being our prayer warriors. My high school friends JAMPS, mga ke, thanks for the overwhelming support. Jill and Marc thanks for coming over, and the business idea it never left my head.  I'll talk to you soon about it.  RULAS, I'm sorry I cancelled dinner plans because of what happened, bawi next time promise, thank you for your touching messages.

JULS! Thanks for coming over.  Had a long meaningful conversation with this Hot Momma, I know I won't stop learning from you. I love you JULS! Mwah! 
PAULO! Palaki ng palaki ang katawan mo. LOL! Thank you for always being there for my baby bro.
May mas frefresh pa ba sa Mudra ko? =)
Mama Sol, I love you forever. I know times are hard these days, but I know everything will be in it's proper place soon.
Sleepy Mama Sol and my Papa Joel.  Thank you for coming over to visit daddy.  Coincidental siguro that Papa flew all the way from Bohol to renew his US visa at the time daddy was in the hospital.  Papa was there to encourage him to get well.  That was the last we saw of him.  A few days after, Papa passed away.  
Christian! Maraming salamat sa pagdalaw.  Parang kasama na rin namin sina May, Jenna at Kuya KT nung asa hospital ka. =)
Tito Raul, thank you for keeping Mama and Papa company.
Tito Ino! Thank you for making my daddy laugh effortlessly.  Sinubukan naming patawanin yan, eh ikaw lang pala ang sagot. Thank you for your kindness. =)
Monitoring blood pressure
Today is Thursday.
Checking out, lamon pa rin ng lamon si baby bro. =)
Discussing last minute instructions.
Si daddy naingayan na sa mag-ina.
Ready to Go!
Thank you Bong Malong for making time to meet us kahit last minute.  We had dinner at Seafood Island in Trinoma a day before daddy started treatment.
Ayan B, pareho kayong serious ni daddy sa pic. Hahaha. Thank you din sa pagdalaw sa Dialysis center kay daddy. Tuwang tuwa si daddy at may kachikahan siya sa kalokohan kahit na yung magandang nurse talaga ang pinunta mo dun. ahahahhaa.
Philippine Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Q.C. - where daddy goes for Hemodialysis.  Super warm and accommodating lahat ng staff, even the patients.  Oicey! Thanks for coming over kahit kakababa mo pa lang ng Baguio at wala ka pang pahinga. Lab lab kita! =)
It was such a surprise that my closest friends came over to visit our super malayong house right after daddy was discharged from St. Luke's. Touch na touch ako.  It was really a hectic day for us all, just as we reached home we had to rush daddy to Asian Hospital because he was bleeding from his catheter.  Pag-uwi ko sinalubong na ako ng mga animal na 'to, and I was so relieved.  Thank you animal friends, lab na lab ko kayo forever. Yana, Ruel, Abot thanks for your messages. Sayang di na tayo nakapagkita ulit. Patricia Kaye! Salamat pag-alalay sa akin all the way, those BBM conversations helped me a lot. =)
Maan and King =)
Happy family - Ky, Maan and King: Hoy yung pinangako nyong key chain ha? ahahaha. =)
Maripot pe, thanks for everything. Ang wheel barrow don't forget ha? =)
Milet, Maan, me and Marie =)
Tawa lang ng tawa =)
Bad mood na ang bagets, sleep na si Kaya eh. =(
And to keep us company. Bow.
Rach and Rona, my jet setter friendlaloos.  Thank you so much for visiting daddy.  Super happy niya when he saw you guys.  I know you're both tired dahil sa mga adventures niyo, but still you made time for Jose. I love you both! =)
Happy, happy morning! =)
Sorry we had to leave abruptly because of daddy's check-up. Thank you for staying para turuan ng kalokohan si Kaya. LOL!
Ang kamay ni Rachell Ann, spotted! Hihihihi! =)
Many patients feel depressed when starting dialysis.  So we made sure to keep daddy's support system as strong as we can.  Even in the best situations, adjusting to the effects of kidney failure and the time he spends on dialysis can be difficult.  Keeping the same schedule he kept when his kidneys were working can be very difficult now that his kidneys have failed. Accepting this new reality can be very hard on him.  So we asked dad's friends, family and a doctor to talk to him to answer his questions and help him cope.  After dialysis, we have gone to three out of town trips, shopped at at least five malls, went to the beach, and ate a LOT.  He got his appetite back but we have to keep him on a low calorie diet.  He is starting to regain energy and our goal is to get him back to work next month.  Based on the number of phone consultations he gets, he knows how much he is needed in the office.   

I'm happy our family had to go through all these.  It made us stronger and better.  I hate leaving my daddy behind, but he actually encouraged me to do what I have to do.  I admire his strength of character and sense of purpose and I feel proud to be his daughter.  Cheers for we no longer feel misery. Cheers to a longer life! 

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."  - Robert H Schuller


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