Sunday, October 30, 2011


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While Kaya is enjoying her much awaited semestral break in Mindoro, I was finding ways to occupy my mind with happy thoughts. Over the weekend I again started battling a strong case of homesickness. I was checking out Kaya's photos that JM sent me and I was a total wreck. I went to church in the afternoon and I found myself crying some more. I honestly didn't expect myself to be so homesick. I've this strong distinct feeling of not enjoying myself, wanting to go home and just be with my Kaya. I mean I love this place, I just hate not having the people I love most around. Once again I'd like to applaud my ever loving girlfriends for knowing exactly how to handle my sappy attacks. We went shopping. Thank you universe for giving birth to retail therapy. I'll tell you more about my latest purchases in my upcoming entries. Aside from our personal stuff, we shopped for Christmas gifts we'd like to send back home. As I was hunting for Kaya's gifts, I thought about this book my brother JM asked me to check out for Kaya. It was a brilliant gift idea since she's really into books plus she undeniably adores Bob Marley.

The book is called One Love, written by the oldest child of Bob Marley, Cedella Marley. It is an adaptation of Bob's song of the same name, which happens to be Kaya's favorite. The story is a about a girl who persuaded her community to engage in activities to transform their neighborhood for the better. The book comes with colorful illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. “One Love is not only one of my favorite of my father’s songs, but it’s one that children love to sing as well,” Cedella said in one interview. “I loved the idea of giving them a new way to experience the song, and also spread the message of ‘One Love’ to a new generation.” Chronicle, One Love's publisher has already started working with Cedella on another Bob Marley hit, “Three Little Birds” - one of my favorites. “I’m really looking forward to seeing children reading and singing the line, ‘Every little thing’s gonna be alright.’”

I called Magrudy's and I was delighted to know the book is available so I reserved one for Kaya. So for all you drafting the Christmas lineup, I strongly recommend this on your list.  You can click on the Amazon website to shop online.

The book cover
Road to happiness
Cedella Marley, copyright © Peter Dean Rickards

Aside from writing books, Cedella is also a fashion designer and I'm a huge fan.  I just love her creations.  She is in fact teaming up with Puma to design the Jamaican track and field team’s kit for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Check out her collection and shop here now. 

Here's the book trailer:

Cedella Marley talks about "One Love"

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When my father sang ‘One Love,’ he felt it all the way - heart and soul, mind and body. He thought a world united by love was possible, and it is. All we’ve got to do, he said, is ‘Give a little, take a little.’"- Cedella Marley


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