Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Between friendships and tattoos.

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Mission ABORTED. That summed up my supposed T-day last month.  Everything was ready - my design, my artist, my schedule, ME.  Everyone was okay with it, except for one person.  I called him before the session and with his calm tone, he told me not to do it.  It was the sweetest voice, how could I resist that?  I figured he was going to react like that so telling him wasn't part of my plan.  At the last minute, I just couldn't bare it, I have to tell him.  And so I did.  There was a list of rebuttals at hand but using those was not necessary at that point.  I can't disappoint my dad, never again. The story ended with "the Dyun Depasupil" calling me a loser LOL!  

Everything was planned ahead, thanks to my friends Tine de Leon and Thei Frades Aboy who helped me find an artist and booked me a schedule.  Effort kung effort mga ate, maraming salamat talaga!  Our day started early.  We didn't know where Dyun's shop was located so we have to travel with ample time to spare.  And then the expected happened, we didn't know which way to go.  It was such a comfort that we passed by a super yummy bulalohan, we were given time to cool our heads off.  Bulalo Fiesta is the BOMB! All three of us were too full to argue, and so we located Dyun's shop without blood shed.   

Bong's Ink
No spitting on the floor.

The ARTIST - Dyun Depasupil
Shop Locations: #25 Naguilian St., New Haven Village, Fairview, Quezon City
55 Tinta, Teacher's Village, Quezon City
Check out his site and Facebook Page.

Dyun is a funny, modest guy who took pride and great joy in his work.  I really admire people who stick to doing things that make them happy.  In the recent Dutdutan Festival 2011, Dyun bagged these recognition: (1st Place) Best in Rib cage, (1st place) Best in Leg, (2nd place) Best in Tribal - beat that!  From what I felt during our conversations, he's the kind of person who does not need fame and the appreciation of others to give him satisfaction in what he had achieved. Dyun, da best ka! Don't worry I'll take your advice, I'll bring him with me next time. Thanks for your encouraging words. Naks.

Wall of fame.
...and more.
Very clean.
Woot! Woot!
Super nice!

Kuha mo?
Best in Leg
Best in Tribal
Best in Rib Cage
Pricey set
Getting started

My best bud, Bong Malong is our featured fresh meat.  There are a lot of things we share with each other - interests, music, fashion (oh, yes fashion!), girls and boys (yes, we check-out hotties), movies, almost everything.  There's something most of you don't know about us.  Bong is my ex boyfriend. Yes we're part of that ex turned best friend population. Our romantic relationship ended because some things did not work out.   However we both love and understand each other unconditionally, it's how we have always been.  He's always that one person I can go to for anything.  With him I always feel like whatever goes on in my life (relationships, plans, miseries, achievements), I always have this friend who has my back.  He is actually the reason why I'm writing here now.  I had this "business idea" playing on my head for months and Bong was the only person who pushed me to start.  He is very reliable, responsible, caring, witty, artistic, very funny - in short PERFECT, definitely the hottest guy in the market (yung pinangako mong bag ha, JOSE MARI! ahahahaha!).  

This whole Tatt thing was my idea and he was slightly hesitant at first.  He wanted me to think it over.  After a series of discussions, he gave in.  The great thing was he wanted to get one too.  They say a tattoo is a mark of the soul.  Bong genuinely demonstrated that.  His design was very meaningful.  Bong's dad, Director Flor Malong passed away last year.  It was such a tough time for the family. I wish I could be there for him,  I wish there was something I could do at that moment to make him feel better.  At the time of Tito Flor's untimely passing Bong was left with a greater responsibility.  He was compelled to step up to try to fill his dad's role.  I felt a great deal of pressure because a lot of adjustments has to be made on his part.  Honestly, even though how sudden those changes were, I believe he'll survive.  I know he's still struggling, but I also know that he gained one thing and that is the determination to live a life that will find him worthy to be called his father's son. 

His design is a quote from his dad. It was printed in an old typewriter where Direk Flor writes his scripts.  
As handwritten by Direk Flor Malong. You'll find this in a white board inside the FVM office.
Photo by: Bong Malong
FVM - and the legacy continues.
Visit their Facebook Page
Photo by: Bong Malong
Ayos ba?
Pep talk
Me: Sure ka na ba? (discouraging him because I was so jealous)
Game na?
Rak on!
Quiet moment
Picture picture!
More chika.
JM chumika.
Feelingero si JM jan.
The LOSER smile.
Almost done.
Salamat sa stickers Dyun!
Contract signing. ahahaha. Waiver.
THE Cool men!
The poser.

I'm still boiling over the thought that I didn't get what I want.  I'm pushing thirty but I still feel like a frustrated youth.  But I know there are far more important things I should contemplate on.  I'm not giving up though.  I know I'll get it one day. I can't wait. =)

"The only difference between a tattooed person and a person who isn't tattooed is that a tattooed person doesn't care if you're tattooed or not."  
                                                                                                                         - Unknown


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