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Sexy Singapore!

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I really think Singapore is sizzling hot.  I mean from the pleasant view, captivating tourist spots, busy streets, convenient transportation system, tempting shopping haven down to the scrumptious food.  Kaya thinks otherwise though, when we reached Changi airport, she plainly said, "Mommy, Singapore looks like La Salle (her school)".  I asked, how come? She replied with, "Same buildings, same colors". I couldn't but laugh my way out of the passport control area.   We arrived there around 8 pm so we were forced to squeeze everything in our curtailed schedule.  

The itinerary was proudly created by yours truly - gained a lot of confidence from my Italy trip with Tine, hahahahaha.  Creating an itinerary for Milan, Rome and Venice was much easier since it was for 2 adult ladies who acts as if they were sixteen.  We can still get away with activities until the wee hours of the morning even though we've trekked about half of each city the whole day.  So I find this Singapore trip more challenging - 3 days 2 nights of activities for a preschooler, 2 senior citizens and a (ubod ng) vain brother.  I should of course consider tons of bathroom breaks, massive food stopovers and heaps of let's sit down and take a breather interruptions.  So expect this trip to be more adult and child friendly, in short very constricted and skimpy when it comes to exploration activities.  

Terminal 3
Up, up and away
Changi airport
On our way out 
Teksi! Teksi!
Our hotel

Makansutra - After settling our stuff, we were geared up to have dinner.  We will go try the food in a hawker center.  Food hawkers are promoted in countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore partly to regulate unhygienic food preparation by unlicensed street hawkers.  My pick for the night was Makansutra Gluttons Bay.  Based on reviews and recommendations online, Makansutra is a must try.  True enough, it has wide variety of food choices.  I was happy to see a Mang Kiko's lechon stall.  

Makansutra Gluttons Bay
Sinful dishes

The Merlion - 265 burps after we've finally forces ourselves to get up and start with the night tour.  It was time to go visit the Merlion Park in Marina Bay and get that famous "profile picture" shot (LOL!).  We walked for a good 15 minutes and I was so happy to see my mom and dad enjoying moment of the stroll.  It was that "Here's my much awaited family hour" moment and tears started form as I tried to end this sentence. Ahahahaha. I'm going mental, I did mention in my previous entry that I'm not myself lately.  I really miss my crazies (family) and I can't wait to plan our next vacation.  So going back to walk, we reached the park and I've finally met the famous half lion, half fish Merlion of Singapura.  Kaya had fun checking out the statue.  Just across the where we were was Marina Bay Sands and she asked me if that was an airplane sitting on top of the three buildings.    
The airplane on top of the 3 buildings
The stroll
We should have gone to the Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Hello Merlion!
The profile picture shot as they call it
Who's not in the mood?
Sweet ni mother at father dito! Chos.

Vivo City -  Our second day is what I call the most exasperating.  I briefed all 4 of them as to how tiresome this whole day can get and I didn't notice any sign of intimidation, I guess they thought I was kidding.    We started our day early, had breakfast at the hotel and made our way to the SMRT station.  We arrived at the HarbourFront station and a few jumps after, we entered Vivo City.  It was actually part of the plan to hunt this mall down, but time wasn't really on our side.  It still melancholic to this day when I think about it because I would really love to have a look inside the Nation Geographic store.  I would just make a separate note about it for I know I can write about 2,000 words worth of ranting about what I missed.  

Harbourfront Station
Vivo City

Sentosa - Traveling to the most popular island resort in Singapore is a walk in the park.  In Vivo City you'll find the Sentosa Express station that connects the island to HarbourFront.  The monorail stops at four stations - Sentosa, Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach stations. We were lucky because the ride was free for that day.

Universal Studios - This one of a kind theme park occupies about 20 hectares of land inside Sentosa.  There are seven themed zones and a total of 24 attractions inside the park.  I was really overjoyed by the experience, even my folks share the same emotion.

The entrance
First ride (Madagascar) - now who's not in the mood? LOL!
Feeling royalty
Far Far Far Away Shrek Castle
Shopping for Shrek goodies
One of the thousand stopovers
POTIONS! Our favorite refreshment
Waterworld (Lost World)- Where wet is always fun =D
Jurassic Park (Lost World) - Kaya's favorite zone
Ancient Egypt - The Revenge of the Mummy attraction was INSANE!!! 
Battlestar Galactica (Sci-fi City) - Where I found screaming very helpful
The Big Apple
My kind of cab (YELLOW!)
Lights, Camera, Action (New York) - hosted by Steven Spielberg. This attraction made Kaya cry.  She's not a fan of explosions and loud noises.  
Oh, Marilyn!
Hats ON!
Would you just look at that pose! =)
Sinong napagod?

Siloso Beach - We again took the Sentosa Express to get to Siloso Beach.  We watched Songs of the Sea.  It's a multimedia show (pyrotechnics, laser show, flame bursts with a live cast) in an open air viewing deck by the sea.  The show was about awakening a princess by the lead character, Li's singing voice.  It was simply enchanting. 

Sentosa Express
Songs of the Sea

Palawan Beach - My good friends who reside in Singapore - Asean, Yen and Hazel invited us for dinner at Palawan Beach.  As expected, everything was just so delicious.  The best part of course was catching up with them.  I missed these girls so much.  After dinner, the family went back to the hotel and I spent some more time with my friends.  We had a loud, catching up chat at their quiet and calm poolside.  Sure I was beat and tired but I would always have reserved energy for special friends.  Asean, Yen and Haze, Chat and I would like to thank you for your super warm reception in Singapore.  Thank you so also for the pabaon (beef jerky, chees tofu, seaweed chorva, etc.), everything was so yummy!  I hope to see you very soon. I love you girls! 

Savory dinner
Good friends, good times.

That covers our first two days in Singapore.  The last day was restricted for the best part of this trip, shopping!  I'd write it about it separately.  For now, I'd just let memories of Singapore flood back.  It was absolutely time well spent with family and good friends - tiresome but very rewarding.

"A vacation is like love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia."                                                                                   - Author Unknown


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