Sunday, October 2, 2011

Singapore, a shopaholic's cocaine.

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Retail therapy is by far the most effective yet expensive treatment for stress.  I always have this miraculous happy disposition during a shopping break at the end of a bad day.  Some people seek comfort food but most people I know go after "comfort buys".  While others consider it a cure, my friends and I sometimes cross the borderline of addiction.  I am well aware that material things should be treated superficial,  but I also can't deny the feeling of absolute bliss that shopping offers.  

Singapore is an excellent place to shop.  Like Hong Kong, it is in close proximity to Manila so traveling wouldn't be a problem if you can't resist the urge.  There is a rarity of great brands in Manila and most of them  you can find in SG.  I can't say it's my favorite shopping district though, so far Dubai is still number one in my heart.  I have several reasons for saying that, let's just save another time for that argument.  Singapore boasts big brands, great bargains and accessibility.  Mustafa Center, a 24 hour shopping complex is just across our hotel so my JM and I had the chance to explore it on our first night looking for a plug converter.  The place looks plain outside but I was bewildered once I got inside.  It was close to completeness - I mean watches, perfumes, bags, clothes, name it, there has to be a place for it in there.  I was hoping to explore it more but my earthly body is close to expiring so I really have to prioritize sleep that night.

Our 3rd and last day in Singapore was solely dedicated to shopping.  Good thing my folks were equally hungry shoppers like me.  We allotted the entire morning to explore thrift shops and Bugis street is the perfect place to achieve that.  If you're going on a souvenir shopping spree, this chain is the place to be.  You'll find the lowest bargains and the place is extra clean.  

 Bugis Street
Sex toys!
Spic and span

Just across Bugis street is Bugis Junction.  The mall is glass covered and it gives you that old town feel.  We just did a quick look see and grabbed something to eat.  

 Crossing from Bugis Street (hand in hand with Pinky the dragon)
 She just loves this photo.
  We heart SG!

313 @Somerset - It was finally time to visit the iconic Orchard Road, and man, was I filled with excitement.  I can actually smell the merchandise from the cab on our way there, hahahaha.  Our first stop was the 313 mall.  In there you'll find mid level fashion brands and food landmarks.  It's a great place to stay and relax if you're tired from hours of bargain hunting.  

 This is an eye candy. Charlie Brown Cafe
 We love Snoopy!
  JM said he's in love with Snoopy too. Ahahaha!

After 313 department store, I don't really remember the names of the malls we went in to.  My mind was in a haze, it's as if I'm lost in a trance while my eyes are feasting around Orchard.  I'm telling you, it is PARADISE.

 Woohoo! Orchard Road!
 My favorite building facade: Paragon Center with Gucci as the flagship boutique.  Biggest Gucci shop I've ever been to.
 Pirelli photoshoot 
 Brand feast!
 Biggest H&M store in Orchard just opened, we didn't bother entering, the place was packed!
  Chat's favorite brand. Taray!
 Shopping for Sperry top-siders. My brother and dad went crazy.
 One of dad's favorite brands, he even gave me a run through of Fred Perry's biography. Kabog ako ni Fudra! Splurge ang 3 kong kapamilya sa store na 'to.
 Rockstar by Soon Lee - Great boutique name, excellent brands available (Toms, Converse, Pointer, Superga, PF Flyers, Keep, Timberland, Lacoste and then some)
 Whoah! So BIG!
 My heaven on earth!
 Dr. Martens - this shop is the BOMB!
 Choices, choices.
 I nearly left the shop carrying all three pairs with me. =)
 Almost done.
 Kaya insisted on carrying this paper bag. This girl has taste.
 Done shopping. Waiting at a taxi queue.
 Kaya's new friend, Pinky spotted at the airport
 A little Chinese would help
The end

Our trip was short but very gratifying.  We had places we wanted to get a glimpse of but we didn't have ample time.  After dinner, it was time to go home.  I will definitely go back to Singapore for I believe we still have unfinished business to deal with (more places to visit and definitely more shopping).  You can check more of our SG adventures on this link.  

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."  ~Bo Derek


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