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Behind every Rockstar is a sober mother.

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We celebrated Kaya's 5th birthday exactly a month ago.  Memories of that frenetic and ultimately fun day were still so fresh.  It took me about 3 months to prepare and plan for everything about that day.  Thanks to my beautiful nuthead friends - Patur, Rach, Tine, Chat, Rona and Kaan. Because of you,  I didn't have to go through hell alone.  They were my shock absorbers when the tension seemed unbearable.  These are the girls I pester when I have "bright" new ideas that I need to consult and they were my "best supporting actresses" LOL.  Aside from them I have my angels from the Philippines that I annoy with questions and inquiries every now and then.  To my angels Marie Torralba-Benzon and Maan Estrella-Cavas, thank you so much!  Let me also take this opportunity to announce the "Best Supporting Actor" award in this Pestered Category.  The Pestered goes to my brother, JM Madla, hahahaha!  I can't thank him enough for accomplishing all the legwork.  I really appreciate how he answers all my calls, texts, BBMs with an irritated tone and to my surprise, he was able to consummate every single thing I asked him to do.  Asim, thank you talaga, and I think bayad na ako sa lahat, hahahaha!  I wouldn't miss out on thanking my mom and dad who were very benevolent and positive about all these.  

In choosing a theme for her birthday, a rockstar idea easily came to mind.  Kaya is a music lover, just like me she always need a background music for almost everything she does.  Her new iPad 2 came in very conveniently (thanks for this generous birthday gift Tita Budz and Tita Bal!).  The songs in there were mostly my choice of music of course and it didn't surprise me that she spends more time exploring my play list (classic rock, alternative rock, grunge, indie rock, reggae, surf music, pop rock, blues, psychedelic rock, OPM, etc). It became a habit - listening to music while eating, taking a bath, playing, painting, brushing her teeth and before going to bed.  When she likes a song, she'll always say "Can you play it again, please."  After about 10 replays after, it still doesn't bore her.  So I guess it's safe to conclude that this kind of party is just perfect for her.

Kaya's Rocking moments - They say photographs are captured moments that lasts forever and in a special occasion like these, we must entrust all snapshots to the finest photographers.  I would like to thank my good friend, Bong Malong for taking great photos and for bringing over the marvelous Froi Rivera to take snaps of the event.  Froi Rivera is part of the Raymond Fortun Photography team (2009 Supplier of the Year - Weddings at Work).  

Here are my favorite images of Kaya.  I am so blessed to have a very beautiful girl.

Rock ON!
Pretty girl!
The grand entrance
She's really enjoying every moment of it
Look at that smile.
She was so happy
Thanking everyone for making it to the party - so giggly.
With her supposed security/bodyguard, JM
Blowing her candles
Look mom, no teeth! LOL!
What a face! 
You rock!
Trying my best not to cry while looking at this photo
The family...
that rocks together...
...stays together.

The Venue - I also got lucky I have a venue that is comfortably located closely to home and Kaya's school.  Fun Ranch Alabang is simply a haven for kids.  As for me, they truly made my life easier.  I got to talk to one of the coordinators once when I was still here in Dubai.  My first visit was the day before the party and they assured me everything would turn out as I planned.  I actually went there to check out the venue for the first time. It was unsuccessful though because Sharon Cuneta's daughter, Miel was having her party and security was so tight I couldn't even take a peek at the room.  Even so, everything turned out well as they promised.  The place was arranged according to my desired theme.  

I initially got a package good for 50 pax, Fun Ranch also suggested this idea because they said they can easily add food if there are additional guests so as to prevent food spoilage.  The package includes a wide variety of food choices, drinks, ice cream and hotdog carts, a magic and balloon twisting show, balloons, a party host, loot bags and passes for kids to the huge play area (the kids really love this).  My only add-ons are the mascots, the pinata, and airbrush painting.  Over all I am thankful for people who paved way for party sites like this.  I can say Fun Ranch overcame an almost impossible restraint in party planning for working moms just like me.  

The enormous play area
A heaven for kids
The main barn on the 2nd floor
It has its own play area too
The stage
The table set up
Food area
The food

In-depth party details - Details are very important in sustaining a themed party.  One must keep in mind that these simple things are essential to set the guests' mood and get them in character.  So with careful planning with my friends we came up with these ideas.  

Colors used: Hot Pink, White and Black
Table labels: Makes it easier for the host to call members of the table for games and photo sessions.  I made band names as labels.
Incubus Table
Rolling Stones
Registration Booth - Kids shall be given VIP passes and they get to sign Kaya's ukulele
VIP passes, invitations and tarpaulin designed by: Ate Chel Malong Guzman (Thank you Ate Chel!)
Table centerpieces c/o Fun Ranch
The coolest table for it holds the coolest prizes!
Pinata - design c/o Fun Ranch

The cake and loot bags
Marta's Cakes - Alabang Town Center
Base cake on top of the cupcake tower is 6x4 round chocolate cake with butter cream icing.  On top of it is a Girl Rockstar in cookie shaped picture, 7 inches in height.
 The Cupcake toppers - 2d - 2-3” in size.  John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Axl Rose, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, an electric guitar, a drum set and a musical note will serve as the cupcake toppers.
Cupcakes in regular swirl design in white, pink and black colors
The cake was already inside the venue when we got there. They were very punctual.

Rock Candies and Hershey Twizzlers (black and red) 
Loot bags in Black and Pink from Divisoria
Hershey's Twizzlers, Sour Punks, Lollies, Flat Tops and candy pills
Those hearts, stars and guitars on the tables are erasers
Drink up!
Heaven in a bar
These tempting chocolate bars are actually Hershey bars
Chocolate labels by: Rachell Ann Bonanza (so creative!)
Rock candies from Dubai, packaging by Fatima
0% alcohol 
Minute Maid Orange drinks
Bottle label design by Rachell Ann Bonanza
Printed by: Orange Segment
Candy hoarding in action
Loot bags from Fun Ranch
These backpacks are cool!
Souvenir shirts
Shirt design: Rachell Ann Bonanza
Printed by: Orange Segment
Air Brush 
A Tattoo!!
Who wants a tattoo?
Pretty cool!

Party Activities - We have always have to consider how to keep the guests delighted all throughout the party.  Games, shows and free play comprises Kaya's party exercises.  

Short photo slide show to start the party
Happy Birthday Kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Trip to Jerusalem
Kaya's friends
Go Boys!
Go Girls!
You can do Magic!
 You can have anything that you desire
Excited kids
 When you cast your spell, you will get your way
When you hypnotize with your eyes
A heart of stone can turn to clay
 and you know you're the one who can put out the fire.
Keeping the kids busy
Longest belt
 Cute kids!
Happy adults
Kids are really fond of these creatures
 Kaya having fun with the chicken
Taken during balloon twisting
Kids love balloons!
So eager
They just loved it
Happy happy adults!
Spotted: The hottest mom in the party, my friend Maan
Fun Ranch 1 day pass 
Grandma was so busy
Kaya giving out loot bags
Grandma was giving out shirts
She was making sure they get the right shirt size
Iris having an ice cream break =)
A candy scramble!

Photo shoot - After the makeover, it was time for the kids and adults to strut their Rockstar poses on camera.  Bong and Froi had a difficult time asking kids to pose as a group, it was really tough getting their attention.  But individually, you should have seen their stances - they were too cool and awesome.  It was a happy sight for the parents.

Preparing them for the shoot
They rocked it!
Rock on kids!
Way to go!
 Compress daw.
Cute little angels
 Kaya with JM, Jojie, Tita Lie, Grandma, Rona, Rach, Oice and the kids
You guys rock!
Kaya with Iris, Zion and our neighbors
  You guys rock!
Kaya with her classmates and their parents
Rock on guys!
 More snaps with her classmates and hot daddies!
Kaya with JAMPS!
Tita Kathy, MM, Bona, Sam and Tito Carlo
 With Ninong Jet and Sorin
C2 Animals!
 Tita Yana, Marie, Maan, Tito King, Ned and Ky
They all looked good with the shirts
Rock on kids!
We all had fun. =)

Check out this slide show I made for her party.

I loved it when I saw those kids so happy.  Nothing beats the huge smiles, excited eyes and all those giggling and laughing.  Most of all, I just love it when I saw Kaya beaming the entire time.  She was overjoyed and that moment was so priceless.  Now that I am miles away from her it's really nice knowing that I have memories like this party to go back to.  Those thoughts help me see things in a positive light - to find situations and facts that sucks worth celebrating.  I am so lucky to have her in my life and I will always look forward to rock more parties with her in the future.  

For information about my suppliers please read my previous entry.  

 "Partying is such sweet sorrow." ~ Robert Byrne


FOXy said...

i saw you holding your tears when the mascot was about to come out :) we had fun. the girls were super cute in their laced skirts, tartan socks and rocker gestures. ang liit ni isla sa tabi nila :)))

Miejay Madla said...

Isla is super pretty JULS! Manang mana sa mudra. Kal-el = POGI! waaaah! pati ako nagkacrush sa kanya. You've 2 beautiful kids. =D

RoxiBornilla said...

Thank you for posting this review.
I am giving my daughter a party there this June. And looking around the Internet (cos like you, I am overseas too) for tips.
So far, we've gotten the magician, the party package by Deal Grocer http://bit.ly/1DgCui4, and I am deciding on the decor, and exactly thinking if I should get their 5000 package.
Any more tips? We can exchange emails at xan_12@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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