Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tunog Wunderground

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When I found out I can squeeze in a Franco gig in my very impossible schedule, my friends and I flocked to the AS Steps of UP Diliman to see these guys rock.  I've been listening to their music for over a year now and I was really hoping to see them play live.  It was so favorable that our schedules agreed on a date wherein we could watch other live acts too.  

Tunog Wunderground is a music fest in support of the bid for the Puerto Princesa Underground River to be part of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  Let us please support this cause, to cast your vote click on this link.  A light drizzle didn't stop the students and the feeling students like us from supporting the show.  We arrived there a little bit early to avoid rush hour traffic jam.  Strolling around the campus we realized how much we missed college.  Life was so simple then.  When there were no pressure, only books, friends, boys, finals and presentations (may boys talaga?).  When we slowly lost our innocence things like what we learned in school didn't seem important anymore.  Back then all those research and papers we created we seriously thought could save the world, or could at least make a difference.  I'd like to rekindle the curiosity I had before. I miss not being tainted.   Ugh, the pains of growing up.  I don't know why I'm saying all these.  I guess I'm still lucky I got that night to get back to my old crazy and young self.  To my friends - Bong, Rach, Rona, Oice and utol JM, salamat sa pagsakay sa trip, I'm so happy to share this night with you guys.  

The show was hosted by Tado, Ramon Bautista and Angel "Erning" Rivero. Here's the great line up that night.  

Nicole and Carlo
Noel Cabangon
Miko Pepito
Radioactive Sago Project

AS Steps
Tunog Wunderground
Our schoolmates for the night =)
Miko Pepito - This guy really made me laugh
Tama! - Erning
Kakoi Legaspi - Peryodiko
Kakoi Legaspi (Peryodiko)
Vin Dancel (Peryodiko)
I love this photo
Tado promoting his book
Noel Cabangon
Palma Hall

Everyone flipped put when Franco hit the stage.  They were finally performing in front of me and it felt surreal.  These guys are so awesome.  I'd like to again thank the gracious Ocho Toleran (guitarist) for the warm welcome and for that remarkable "greatest fan" moment - he introduced us to the rest of the band members, how cool is that!  Maraming salamat 8!  

Ocho Toleran (Franco)
Buwi Meneses (Franco)
Franco Reyes (Franco)
Rachell Ann Bonanza (royalty)
Rock ON!
Vote now!
With 8
With Buwi
Rach's favorite guys =)

All the excessive fun and excitement made us all tired and hungry.  Good thing Tomato Kick was nearby to feed our starving stomachs.  The food was great - Salsa Pork Liempo, yummy! 

Bong, JM, Rach, Rona and Oice
Thank you guys!
Happy? SUPER!

Here's a clip of that night. Video taken by Bong Malong, pinagtagpi tagpi ni Michelle Jassen Madla.

Most photos taken by Bong Malong, all others by JM Madla.


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