Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First and Forever: Doc Martens

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I improvised an itinerary for me and my friends for the upcoming long weekend. The climax of the holidays would be our road trip. We're going on a road trip, wooohooo! Besides being fun, road trips are also another opportunity to explore places we haven't been to, get lost, fight on the road and eat horribly. I really am looking forward to our mini adventure and misadventures. I was making a checklist of things I should prepare and my outfit was of course on top of my list. I was going to take my shiny white boyfriend with me. I must admit, I have this serious love affair with Doc Marten's shoes so this white shiny boyfriend is actually my new 14 hole white boots. I bought my first pair when I was in high school and until now I'm still obsessed in collecting more. Last year my friends Rach and Rona bought me my red hottie pair in Singapore and last September I got Whitey (ayan may pangalan na) at that same shop. It's really disappointing that they don't have a store here in Dubai so I really have to travel places to purchase one. Good thing Rach and Rona are flying to China on January so they voluntarily offered to shop for me, oh such great friends, I hope they foot the bill too, chos.

Let me share with you the Dr. Martens Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook. British model Agyness Deyn once again takes a step forward as she goes back to her day job after quite some time. Agyness is a firm fan of Dr. Martens and I bet modelling for the shoe brand was loads of fun for her. She worked alongside male model Ash Stymest in the 'First and Forever' advertising campaign. The campaign's focus is to invite people to share their first experiences of doing something new - first heartbreak or the moment they bought their first pair of DM's. If you want to share your "firsts" go to this First and Forever page.

This collection is really a sweet one. I just love the vintage touch of the classic oxfords, tassel shoes, the cutie Mary Jane's and desert boots.

Shop Dr. Martens here.


Here's Agyness Deyn as she reveals her first heartbreak for the First and Forever campaign.  Do you remember yours?  

"I suppose it's mourning, isn't it?  As if someone has died because you're'so invested in something that...that part of yourself is dying you know?
                                                                                                        - Agyness Deyn


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