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Like a Vitamin: Incubus in Abu Dhabi 2011

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I still can't get over what happened last night.  The scene was almost brilliant and I can't believe I was there to witness it.  In college, Incubus songs were like nursery rhymes sang in school.  In between classes me and my classmates would gather around, sing a couple of their songs.  We know every note, every word.  Remember those days when guitars were carried around like a compulsory bling in the campus?  I don't believe I have encountered a classroom without a guitar player, have you?  I'm so charmed that in my class, I have like four musician friends, in fact they were part of a group called 'Sons of Thunder' who won 'Best Band' in the UST Battle of the bands that school year (please don't even ask what year that was, LOL).  They played covers of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Sting.  Two of my classmates bagged the best guitarist (Toper) and best drummer (Bong) awards (bongga 'di ba?).  I'm also a proud member of TunOrg, the official music organization of the UST AB and boy did we have a blast on our last year in the university.  Hahaha, my train of thought is so scattered, I'm sorry.  It's just that I couldn't help but revive those days when music matters.  It's like a glue that binds us together.  Gah, enough of my reminiscing.  

Last night we traveled the long road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.. After about an hour and a half we reached Yas Marina Island.  The streets were so busy because it was the second day of the 2011 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix (last day of practice and qualifying round).  After a long day of racing activities the patrons flocked Yas Marina Arena for the after race concert. The event was exclusive for race ticket holders so we'd like to send our huge and fat "Thank you" to Rona's friend Elsie for our guest passes.  You've such a kind heart.  =)

Shirtless Brandon Boyd.
While waiting for our passes at the gate, we decided to excessively take pictures because we have to deposit our cameras at a booth since professional cameras are not allowed inside the venue.  
 Too Bad :(
 The Cult and Incubus
 We surely did =)
 Camera deposit booth
Will catch him on stage later tonight!
Waiting, waiting.
 Chat and Rona
Rach and I decided on wearing Dr. Marten's that night.  They surprisingly became the stars of the show.  About 6 men actually took time to stop and praise our lovelies.  We also overheard a couple of women discreetly gushing about footwear.  Nakaka-smile lang chos.  
Doc Marten's
Excited and giggly!
Check out what Rach and I wore that night.  I really enjoy dressing up with her, she's really brilliant when it comes to styling.  We chose outfits that could somehow protect us from the cold wind and at the same time clothes that will enable air to circulate thus preventing excess sweating when we're stuck in the middle of the crowd while carrying out rock concert tasks like extreme jumping and shouting.  

On Rach:
Pink blazer - Zara
Dress shirt - Urban Behavior
Tattered shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Doc Marten's  
On Me:
Black sheer top: Zara
Shorts: Bershka
Shoes: Doc Marten's
Bling: Forever 21
 On Chat:
Plaid top: American Eagle
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Forever 21
On Rona:
Top, Carrot top pants and shoes: Zara
Ang cool ng mga lola nyo =)
 Concert photos: Thanks to Rona's reliable Blackberry we were able to get photos inside the venue.  
 Siya ay excited!
 Laki lang ng ngiti namin dito.
 What's a concert without booze? =)
 The Cult lead vocalist, Ian Astbury 
 Attempted a pyramid for a better view.
 Chat and Rona
 Groupie for a night. 
 Jumping moment, ahahahahaha!
 And he took his top off.
 Singing the final song
"I wish you were here..."

Thank you Abu Dhabi!

Incubus set list: Taken from
Pardon Me
Promises, Promises
If Not Now, When?
Anna Molly
In the Company of Wolves
Love Hurts
Are You In?
Nice to Know You
Wish You Were Here

I was right, they played Vitamin. That really made my night, I was so pleased. Tonight I'm off to Abu Dhabi again to finally see Sir Paul McCartney perform live.  My dad was really fired up when he learned about it.  I'm delighted, I can't wait. Watch out for my next post. =)

"You stare at me like I'm a vitamin on the surface you hate, but you know you need me.  I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit.  Whatever helps you swallow truth, all the more easily. "                                            
                                                                                            - Incubus


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