Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RAK ON, Ras Al Khaimah

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This has got to be the best Eid al-adha (feast of sacrifice) vacation ever.  We planned an effortless itinerary for the 4 days off.  The first 2 days were spent at home watching endless downloaded movies and at the mall for more ceaseless shopping (fun!fun!fun!).  We arranged to spend an entire day to explore one of the emirates here in UAE, Ras Al-Khaimah.  I figured we should probe into unfathomed places and I think that what made the trip more fired up.  

We woke up early Sunday morning (okay, not that early) to hit the road.  Fueled with tons of sandwiches, chips, drinks, directions on e-mail, a rocking playlist and thrilled spirits we started our journey.  To be stuck in the car for hours is not really my idea of fun.  A road trip is an excellent of example of celebrated boredom.  It's really up to us to think of creative ways to kill apathy.  There was never a dull moment when we were on our way to RAK.  Aside from staring out the window, occasional snacking and singing every word of our favorite songs, everyone was too eager to share different stories.  Laughing and screaming became a routine during the entire drive, so we all obviously had fun.  There were 5 places listed in our course but because we somehow strayed a number of times we didn't have much time left to spare.  We successful conquered 2 places on our list. 

1. Jazirat Al Hamra (UAE's ghost town) - It's not really a creepy place, well at least during the day.  The place is a deserted village south of Ras Al Khaimah town.  It was said that a family (tribe) left town because of an ongoing dispute with the ruler then.  They were given housing in Abu Dhabi by Sheikh Zayed. It was a delight to stroll around the area.  You will notice old style adobe houses with their rooms all leading off a central courtyard.  It's really intriguing to haunt "haunted" places.  I was hoping I'd get the feeling as I was roaming around the village, luckily there was zero scary vibes.  The place was fantastic.  Remember what I said before that I find beauty in ruins?  Well this place just won the pageant.  It was hard to resist the call of a photo shoot when you see this place,  so my friends and I went cam-whoring galore.
 The fort
 Preparing for our first photo 
  Pure beauty
 Rach =)
 Patur with the tripod
 Super nice =)
  Wandering around
  I love this pic.
Sitting on the walls
 Chilling at one of the houses
 Woman on top!
 Rona and Rach 
 My attempt to climb a wall with Kaan's help. Thank you!
 Mejo afraid pa ako niyan
 Starting to get comfortable
 ...and more!
 My dear chismosas!
 I have very pretty friends.
 On Patricia: A&F dress, Havaianas, Lego watch, Limited edition Ray-ban aviators
  On me: Maxi dress (a gift from my friend, Maan), Havaianas flip-flops, Asos satchel, My Way watch, Montblanc eyewear
On Rach: A&F Dress, Havaianas flip-flops
 On Chat: Bershka top, American Eagle tattered shorts, Havaianas flip-flops, Swatch watch, NL eyewear
 On Rona: Rolling Stones top, Zara shorts, Havaianas flip-flops, Technomarine watch, Charriol bracelet, Ray-ban aviators eyewear
 On Kaan: Quicksilver shirt, Billabong board shorts, Havaianas flip-flops, Oakley eyewear
Love it!
 We went to Manar Mall for quick lunch. Notice the scarves covering Rach's and Patur's shoulders? LOL. Mahirap na. =D
 On our way to our next stop
 Chat seriously thought this is where we're headed. Quarrying site???!! =D

2. Dhaya Fort - This is located at the northern part of the Al Rams town. Records show that the Fort, appears to have been built during the 19th Century on the foundations of much older structures. It is the only hilltop fort still existing in the UAE. We had to ascend the stairs in order to reach the top. After the exasperating climb, we were all rewarded with the incredible view of the palm gardens below, the Arabian Gulf to one side and the striking Hajjar Mountains on the other. We had a grand time at this place.
 We finally found it!
 Just below the fort is the Qalat Dhaya Rest House
 Reading facts about the fort
 Our ascend starting
 Medyo gitna na 'to.
 Rest house. 
 So dramatic.
 Haggar mountains.
 Almost there.
 Chat and Rona
 Super nice!
 Finally, at the top. =)
 Preparing for our shot
 Say CHEESE! =)
 Emotera? LOL.
 Drama Queen Chat. LOL.
Going down.
Last glimpse

A lot of unplanned things happened after we left Dhayah fort.  None of us knew we we're just getting started on this journey.  Check out my upcoming post. 

Most photos taken by Rona Puquiz, the rest by whoever it was holding the camera. =)

            "It is not down in any map; true places never are."  ~Herman Melville


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