Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot summer sun going down @ Hilton RAK.

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We purposely went to Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa to grab a few drinks before heading back home to Dubai.  I think there was really something in that strawberry margarita that made us decide to stay.  It was really next to impossible to reserve a room that day because the hotel was fully booked.  Rona and Chat tried first but their hopes were deprived.  They asked me to try again and so I went and wooed the receptionist to let us crash.  And just like that, the very gates of heaven opened (ahahaha. they gave us a room). I'm so glad we spent the night there.  We started  with a couple of drinks which were sustained with lots of laughter and limitless talk time.  Before checking out the day, we spent the entire morning at the beach.   When everything around me gets crazy, I always close my eyes and visualize that I'm at the beach.  That morning, I didn't have to close my eyes.  The rhythm of the waves and the smell of the ocean made everything perfect, just perfect.

It was the much needed break we were all waiting for.  We pushed ourselves too hard and it's time we take a breather.  Never did we utter a word about work as we physically and mentally removed ourselves from the office and work environment.  The following day I felt so refreshed, energized and not at all stressed.  Taking that trip was all worth it.  To book at the Hilton RAK, you may click on this link.
Sunday afternoon
 Just arrived
Getting things started
Gigil na gigil =)
Happy? =)
 I so love my Donya dress =)
Drink up!
 Mai Tai
Red, red wine =)
 Gondaaaaah! =)

  Drinks pa? =)
 Always the first one to hit the water
Sige, Ibb mo ang buong mundo. LOL.
Street sign
I love sunsets =)
Baywatch =)
Sunset =)
A lot of good stuff here. =)

Drinking the night away. =)
Monday morning
Waking up =)
  Good morning girls!
Excited mag-swim.
Pamagaan ng mukha =)
 The salt water pool
 The beach
Simmer down
Cool off
Failed jump shot
Anong kayang pinaguusapan namin dito?
Chismosas forever. =)
  Ang saya saya lang =)
Sexy Rona (wootwoot!)
 Parang "baywalk bodies" lang! LOL
Chat =)
Pa-cuteness =)
Rona and Chat
You know she's relaxing when her toes are not relaxed (FACT)
Pool time =)
Love my yellow salbabida =)
Rach and Patur
Watching cable
Bored na marsie? LOL.
Electronic ad inside the lift
Stopping over for lunch
Al Hamra Mall, RAK
Dressed down on a Monday, I love it.

I just shared with you my short, fattening, sweet, sour and salty vacation.  It sounds like candy to me.   I love spontaneous getaways and honestly, I've an unending list of things that I want to take a break from.  The idea of getting out of town, leaving it all behind and indulging in adventure for me is the most sublime and rational fix.  

Here's a vid of us on our way to Hilton. Backstreet Boys fever is on. We don't even like them pero lage naming kinakanta to. Lakas ng trip! =)

“Summer is kind of like the ultimate one-night stand: hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.”— Cosmopolitan


Anonymous said...


Rona is not only a beauty, She's HOT as well...lol

How's everthin doin..

Love how the way you play with words..

Its great..

Miejay Madla said...

Everything's great, thank you. =)

Anonymous said...

nga pala,

you look nice with bob M.

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