Sunday, June 24, 2012

You let some girl beat you?

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Back at work a day after my first Muay Thai class and boy I'm so dead.  I can say that it's the hardest thing I've ever tried.  This martial art is as brutal as you can ever imagine.  The concept is concentrated on the art of striking - hands, feet, elbows, and knees all make Muay Thai the "deadly art."  I was never the hard core athlete or trainee or whatever you call it, so Muay Thai definitely took my mind and body to a whole new place.

Rach and I went to this health center near our flat.  We wanted to jog from our place going to the gym to warm ourselves up.  When we got there, the session was about to start.  Troy, our trainer immediately kicked our metabolism with a pamatay na warm up (gusto namin ng warm up diba?).  I was so proud of myself because it was the first time I did something strenuous that I didn't feel like puking, I think last week's wakeboarding stint last helped increase my endurance.  Then came the workout and conditioning drills.  After that Troy lets us off with our partner to work on the techniques.  Of course Rach was my sparring partner that night and my goodness it was one hell of a fight.  I started really weak and as the drill progressed I was throwing real kicks and punches.  Paano kasi may binubulong bulong ang maganda kong kaibigan na sobrang na-inspire ako sumuntok at sumipa ng malakas. hahaha.  Rach had a strong start, she was afraid of hitting hard baka daw kasi lumipad ako. 

Here's that grueling session in photos.

 Rach killing the bag, me capturing it.
  Me: "Ayusin mo pagpatay mo jan, kinukuhanan kita ng picture."
  It all started with a smile.
   "Eto ang bagay sa mga animal!" Hahaha!
 Hikahos! Pawis kung pawis!
 That"s Troy
 He's from Thailand
 Training room after the session
 I will beat you hard next time!
 Well kept towels
 Wash your hands, kakaiba ang power ng gloves, mas nakakamatay kesa sa bugbog
I was already gassed and out of breath from the punching, kicking, knee exercises. I was seeing spots and felt like I was gonna pass out any second.  We have zero experience in martial arts and we were really feeling anxious at first.  But Troy made us feel welcomed.  He was kind enough to assist us during drills.  So if any of you wants to try it, be prepared to train!  Be confident, and just do it!  As for me, this has got to be the BEST day in months.  I think this is where the affair began, I subconsciously got stuck to the feeling until I fell asleep. 

"Train hard, fight easy." - Alexander Suvorov

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