Sunday, June 10, 2012

That sinking feeling. - Maldives (Day 2)

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Our second day in the island was one of splendid weather and the island tour was thoroughly enjoyable.  We explored the water villas, the garden villas and made our way through the other side of the island.   After a hearty walang bukas kainin natin lahat ngayon breakfast, we were totally beaching it.  We've absolutely nothing to do that day but hang out on that amazing, unobstructed beach.  It was never too crowded and there are plenty of beach chairs and bean bags for everyone to lounge at.  We easily spent the morning with a book, a drink, forget the world and be lazy.  Pool was just located near the beach so my friends Patur and Rach spent hours dipping and chatting.  Kaan, Chat and Rona cared more about getting the perfect tan (mestiza?!)  

I enjoyed my time with the gang but I gave a few good hours of disconnection and just be comfortable with my own silence.  I truly appreciated just being with my own thoughts.  It felt great to pause and listen to your thoughts without distraction.  I somehow embraced what I am thinking and feeling because it helped me to accept and deal with it.  Believe me it's not the most fun thing in the world, but it's really important to take some time to yourself and think about what's going on in your life.

Oh and I forgot, in between all our activities are loads of photos.  I apologize for the flood, I just can't help but post them all. ;)

In solitude ba yang ganyan? Hahaha!
Rach's morning walk
Swim time
Beaching it!
Pretty Patur
I can't wait fez
Beach, here I come!
Kaan and Patur
Hinde ready
And the tour begins
Water Villas
Chismis muna bago picture
Rona, Chat, Kaan
Upo naman
Pilita Corales, tse!
Kumusta naman ang hair?
Jump! Jump!
Rona and me
Saya saya ko naman dito, anong meron? =D
Patur and Rona
Sexy back!
Swim swim!
Go marsie!
Group pic ulit
At isa pa, mga 10 pa siguro
Chika chika
Sige chika pa
Swing naman!
Love ko ang beach bag ko, kasya ako. =)
Falling slowly
Nawili sa duyan
Init ulo? =D
Ayaw niyang magswimming =)
Malalim? hahaha!
Takot? =)
Langoy pa =)
Fave ko to!
Mas okay ata nakatalikod eh. =)
=) =) =)
Nauuso ang talikod shots. =)
Rona and Rach
Swing na naman?
Wala nang alisan dito. =)
Spotted, maglagay ng lotion kahit naglalakad. =)
Garden villa
Nakakainis ang saya ni Kaan sa alon! Tse!
Ang feeler!
Sunset deck
Fresh na fresh
Me and Chat
Itim na nga mas umitim pa =)
Rona and Rach
Dinner time!
New found friend
Pamatay sa kabusugan
My favorite part of the evening, the local band!
Order! Order!
Ako pinakamasaya nang gabing to, REGGAE NIGHT!
The band
They rock!
Mahangin sa baba, lipat sa taas.
Spotted, nagwala sa dance floor!
No inhibitions.

This has got to be my favorite day in the island.  I wasn't happy but I wasn't unhappy either. That afternoon, I felt alive and that evening I was livelier than ever.  It was a relief that aren't any clear photos on the dance floor, kung meron man susunugin ko hahaha. Bidabidahan lang ako eh. =) Thank you Maldives for this frivolous day. =)

The ultimate is finding a place where you have no inhibitions, nothing to hide, where you can learn with one another." - Jennifer Aniston


Anonymous said...

I've been born and raised here in Dubai pero masmarami ka nang napuntahan kesa sakin! I really love your posts. Keep it up! :) Sorry dito ko nalagay sa Maldives mong entry. Haha.

Your blog is interesting!

Miejay Madla said...

HI!! Got a glimpse of your blog and I love it! Thanks for such kind words, I hope we bump into each other really soon. =)

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