Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That sinking feeling - Maldives (Day 3)

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Life at the beach has been a bit crazy the past few days.  On the third day, it was a total splurge of water activities.  As usual we conquered the breakfast buffet and mastered the art of binging.  The usual walk, dip and lounge completed the morning.  In the afternoon, we set sail to the heart of the ocean (Titanic?!) for the most awaited activity of all, wakeboarding!  Again, I wasn't able to pack enough guts to try it out but one of these days I will, just you wait and see. But hey, my task behind that boat was one of high importance.  I'm the official videographer and cheerleader of my three demented friends as they skid through the ocean.  Patricia and Rachell did the same, we all cheered our hearts out and made sure the girls looked good on camera, hahaha.  I shall be posting the video as soon as I have the time to do the editing (in short, good luck).

The ocean amazes me at the same time it also scares the sh*t out of me.  So I admit, I don't know how to swim yet I get this certain kind of calmness on the surface.  Shitty and secured, two opposed feelings I have whenever I submerge myself in water.  I reckon that's how I am.  I feel perfectly balanced when I'm surrounded by uncertainty.  It helps me prepare for different possibilities, sharpen my adapting skills and makes me focus on the things I can control.  The ocean is definitely  my heaven on earth.  If it's really probable that we live in a parallel universe, I'm pretty sure in that other universe that I simultaneously coexist in, I'm fearlessly swimming my way through life just the same. 

Here's life at island that day.

In my parallel universe, I would probably be doing the same, all day. =)
Feeling mowdels!

Beach bum!

We love the sun!
Girlettes with Kuya I forgot his name na super bait.

The captain and Kaan
Patricia hotness!
Saya lang Marsie?
Here we go!

PI! =D
 Naghihintay ng aksyon. Excited mag-flip!
Shempre kailangan kasama si Rach!


Sinong star dito? hahaha!
Bored ka na? Yabang!

Bet ko to!
Saya saya nya lang oh!

Yung water villas talaga ang kinkuhanan dito! ahaha!
Sad ka ba Bona?!
Go KAAN! =)
You rock Bona!

Sayang saya lang siya
Ang madam ng boat!
One hand?
Oks na oks!

Kalmang kalma lang si kuya eh
Pagkatpos mag-wakeboard chill ulit!
Swimming naman!
Rampa naman si Patur!
Chikahan habang may bird. =)
 Hala, sige tira ng chichirya!
 Tamad moves.
Anyare?! hahaha!

In the middle of that lazy afternoon, Chat and I decided to spend an hour snorkeling (dahil sa kagustuhan niyang makasama ang marine biologist).  She was so happy discovering beauty under the surface, and me I lasted minutes (lakas ng alon kaya!). =)

Our guide
Future marine biologist
Future mermaid

We killed the rest of the afternoon in bed, took a quick shower then off the the sunset deck we went.  We were all in a rush, and it was worth it.  It was such an outstanding view.  Hilata, chika and cocktails, what a fantastic way to say goodbye to the sun.  We hit the dinner buffet after finishing our drinks (kelangan mauna talaga ang alak bago ang pagkain, hahaha).

Mahangin ba sa labas?
Marsie and me
Chat and me
Marsie and Bona
Bona and Batter
Kami ulit!
PI! =)
Hala sige dutdot!
Iwas hanginin ang buhok
Sige dutdot pa
My labs
White team!
Ang drama ng hangin dito. =)
Paguluhan ng buhok contest
Let the good times begin
Wardrobe malfunction =( Sira na agad, my mom gave me this dress. =(
Steady =)
And the uling award goes to.....

Dinner was as usual superb.  It was Maldivian night and everyone was feeling festive.  Armed with bongos, the local staff sang and danced the night away as they invited the guests to join them.  Shempre, hinde kame huminde! 

First victim, Chat
Kaya mo yan
Kid dancing
My eye candy
I was taking photos and this guy invited me to dance, shempre YES!
Ayun naman!
Sige ihataw nyo!
F na F ko lang dito
Sige pa!
Follow the leader
Eto shaggedy shaggedy sha popo. hahahaha!
Finally, hook up with the Marine biologist
Chika chika!
The finale
Wow, si Rona naman!
Ayan! Bet ko yan, sige Rona!
Group dance, gawa na kayo sarile niyong tribo!
Wild and free

That was one wild night.  We got up, danced and just let it all go.  We followed every step of the traditional dance without a pinch of embarrassment.  We threw our hands in the air, forgot all our troubles and all our cares.  And it felt good, it felt so damn good.

“Forget your troubles and dance! Forget your sorrows and dance!”  
 – Bob Marley


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anjan naman pala ako sa Maldives e.. nakataas isang binti. LOL

Miejay Madla said...

ahahaha! FLAMINGO BEB! Miss you! =)

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