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Happiness is a warm gun.

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I'm such a chicken. I'm scared of guns. I couldn't resist thinking how fast a bullet escapes the muzzle. That with a twitch of a finger, life can be compromised. You know that if you're scared of something, you don't usually want to be in the same vicinity or let alone handle and learn about that something. I read somewhere that there's a bit of normality in despising guns but then one must also learn how to respect it's existence. We all have some form and fears and the ugly truth is that the best way to deal with them is to face them head on and do it as soon as you can.

Al Forsan Sports Resort caters to the professional shooters to the "never fired a gun" individuals like me.  So when I had the luxury of quiet time while watching wakeboard enthusiasts do their thing, I finally came to a decision.  I will fire a gun today.  I was trying my best to find the root cause of my fear, for I know it didn't come from some kind of a personal trauma.  Then I thoroughly convinced myself to come up with even a pinch of courage to allow me to just hold that thing with the hope of discovering why guns turned me into that chicken sh*t.

Rachell was supposed to go firing with me that day, sadly we need to present either our National ID or passport to be able to use the facility.  I had my passport with me, and when Rach presented her labor card, they refused to accept.  We argued that they didn't provide that information in the website and that we came all the way from Dubai, but they firmly said no.  I guess I was on my own this time and that didn't help at all.  I was really scared to death.

Since it was my first time, I have to go through this beginner's safety induction.  I was a bit at ease when I met my mentor, Will. He's a Filipino and an ex-military marksman. YEY!  I began to feel safe.


View of the wake park from the main building

The lobby
Corridor leading to the shooting range
Waiting for my mentor
Kuya Will explaining the parts of a gun
The correct stance - upper body leaning a bit forward, this I should really improve on.
Rach showing off her bangas position. ahahahha.
She's more confident than I am
Chill na chill si Kuya Will
Pinapakalma ang sarile =)
This is like the safety operation booth, where they control the door locks.
Firing booths
Entering place of doom
Thinking of running away
A live ammunition right in front of me. Whew!
Trying to apply the proper position
Kuya will making his last minute instructions before my first shot
Getting the feel of it

Sweaty palms. There's a box of tissue beside me, naubos ko yata. Every after round, pinupunasan ni kuya yung baril ako naman yung kamay ko.

Pep talk, lots and lots of it =)

I'm trying my best to listen to everything he says

...and to keep my hands from shaking.

This is it

Here goes nothing.

If you can only see how badly my hands were trembling

Front and rear sight should be of the same level

Nakalimutan ko nang mag-lean slightly forward neto. =D

Todo suporta ni Rach. Look at her smile from ear to ear. =D

Rach gained lots of friends, nakipagchikahan siya habang nakasalang ako.  We learned that all of them are ex-military marksmen pala. =D

Kuya Will pointing out where I should aim

Now he's teaching me how to load a gun


And another try

Peace tayo!


Ganito ako kaangas, loading a gun habang nakapikit. Bwahahahaha.

The irritating facial tremor

Inggit fez nya daw to. =)

Hinde pa rin ako makangiti tapos na, ba't ganun? =(

Finished at last!

Parang graduate na inabutan ng diploma. =D

What a relief!

The circuit. My next challenge. =D
I'm so proud of myself. =)

The moment I stepped into the range, I wanted to leave.  My palms were sweaty, hand shaking and my body was trembling.  It took me a while before I could pull the trigger.  I was anticipating the sound of the gun shot and the vibration.  I tried to focus on everything kuya Will taught me.  I was anticipating the gun to react violently against me...picturing my entire body being thrown at the wall.  I started singing "Happiness is a warm gun" in my head just to calm my thoughts.  

I did it.  I pulled the trigger, and then again and again and again.

Al Forsan Sports Resort
Shooting and Archery
Induction training
Caliber .22 (25 rounds) - 200 aed
Caliber 9mm or .38sp (25 rounds) 250 aed
+9712 556 8555

P.S. Thank you Rach for documenting my conquest, having you there is more than enough support.  To the ex-military marksmen of Al Forsan resort, I appreciate the encouragement and for taking my photos inside the shooting range.  We'll definitely see each other again. =)

"Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will."
- James Stephens


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