Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giving "it" a try.

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Are you into sports? I'm not.  Most athletes are tall and strong and obviously, I'm in none of these categories.  Between many laughs and literally gasping for air, I get a little but anxious thinking about how it must be to be athletic.  But then, I never say no to a challenge.  When Rona invited us to spend a day at a sports resort, I panicked.  Seriously, a sports resort?  Is there such a thing? What am I supposed to do there?  I checked the website of that dreaded place and still there was no definitive answer.  

The next thing I knew we were on the road that leads to Abu Dhabi.  Weather was perfect, we had a hearty breakfast at McDonald's and I was with two of my best friends, it was a great start.  During the road trip, while we were screaming out every word to every Eraserheads song the thought of not knowing what to do there still bugged me.  After about an hour, we finally reached our destination.  It was such a humongous place.  You'd need something with wheels (car, bike, skates, what have you) to be able to tour the entire compound.  A wonderfully helpful map was provided.

Our first stop was at the Wakeboard park and we actually spent most of our day there. Being that my dear friend Rona was so hooked to wakeboarding (rolling my eyes), buti na lang mahal ko siya, at hinde ako nag-monster hahahaha.  Here's our day in photos.

Rach and I all "girlied" up
Al Forsan
BB muna wala pa akong maisip gawin eh
Wave restaurant
 Gear rental
Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Bindings
Do you think she was excited?
KONY 2012: Participants are requested to wear their Kony 2012 t-shirts from their Invisible Children action kit to school (and all day) on April 20. 
Rach wearing her KONY bracelet
The map/activity guide.  Still undecided at this point.
Kony bracelets
Now she's ready.
Unpacking her board.
Swimming not allowed
Patiently waiting for their turn
You should have seen how these kids ride
 A picture of total excitement 
Removing water from her ears
Saya saya nya lang. ahahahaha.
In action
Moral support. ahahaha.
All wet
iPhone naman, kung ano na lang ang mapindot. =D
I have my own "action" going on here
Lunch buffet
Just look at him fly
Young adults
This young girl was unstoppable
Sobrang galing ng batang to. =)
Lunch or what was left of it
I'm still burping all the beef until now
Enjoyed the salad bar a lot!
Liquid Force Daisy Helmet
Rona's Hyperlite Bindings
Getting help from friendly staff
Rona in action
Kunot noo? ahahahaha.
Rach really loves this "lounging time"
Gorgeous isn't she?
Dress: Aeropostale
Eye wear: H&M
Hinde pa ako ready sabe eh, gulo pa ng damit ko. =D
Ok na ba 'to? =D
Dress and Eye Wear from H&M
Nairita? LOL!
Good thing I brought my book.
To fix the twisted rope... had to climb this.
The buffet (kept us eating from time we got there 'til 5 pm) =)
Competitions are always held here
Chismisan caught on camera. =D
Bwahahahaha, mga MUKHANG 'YAN! =D
Hilata nonstop
Rona and Rach
I love this pic =)
Sumuko ang board na to kay Rona, sinulit ang full day pass eh
I just had to grab the camera when I saw this cute little girl
Bigla kong na-miss si Kaya habang kinukunan ko to. =(
One day I'll bring my little girl here, maybe she'll be into sports. =)

Adventure's not over yet, for me at least.  An afternoon of recumbency made me decide to do one thing that scared me.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said "Do one thing everyday that scares you".  I must admit with the overwhelming changes in my life right now I am clearly challenging myself almost everyday.  So I thought, why not shoot it up a little more?  My next post will be quite interesting, so just you wait. 

Al Forsan Sports Resort
Water Sports
Cable rides:
1 hour = 125 aed
2 hours = 180 aed
4 hours = 230 aed
Full day = 280 aed
T: +9712 556 8555

"Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
- Gen. George S. Patton


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