Monday, April 9, 2012

BONG-ga Dubai! Day 5

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Saturday brings Bong's final day in Dubai and prior to his departure we spent a great deal of time in the desert. Personally I find the desert as a good place to stay away from the ordinary. That feeling of 'nothingness' gives me exceptional pleasure.  You might find it obscure, but I noticed that when you stare at nothing the golden moments of our lives rush past us.  Nothing but sand, yet I don't get tired of gazing, then again that's just me.

So my girlfriends, Bong and I woke up fairly early to hit the sand dunes.  We all unleashed our inner child as we dug our toes in the sand and felt it running through our fingers.  We hired a dune buggy to complete the desert experience.  None of us has ever driven one before, it was a unanimous decision to let Chat pilot the engine.  Shrills and curses filled the air.  The video is a must watch, one of these days Bong's going to upload it somewhere so watch out for that.  Siraan ng pagkatao ito.  

If you're sight seeing with a great photographer, you just can't help but turn the whole tour to an instant photo shoot.  It was fun!  Here are a few photo peeks from that day.  

The sunny shot
Mowdels ng pink buggy
Tsk. Baba ng talon ko
Wooohooo! =D
Pikit moment sa disyerto =D
Chat's fall =)
Patricia's going NEON this season
Rach playing with sand =)
Rona enjoying the weather
We got stuck!
Panic mode on!
We survived!
Sinong ready? =)
Group pic =)

We visited the Heritage Village after our desert adventure.  We needed this kind of calmness after our wild morning.  As we roamed around the area, we delved into Dubai's rich culture, tradition and history.  We saw the wind towers and I'm amazed on how they created and used it for natural ventilation.  It's an architectural element mainly part of residential structures. Considering the heat in the Middle East, it was an essential aspect in many houses a few decades ago.  

Heritage Village facade
Meet me at the bench ang peg
Old and musty bench
Wind tower
Ang pusa
Pikit shot ulit
Tambay muna
Souvenir shops
May drama effect sa bench na to
Loving this camel's wardrobe =)

It was time for Bong to watch the world's famous dancing fountain outside the Dubai Mall.  It's free entertainment and you can just sit around and watch it every 30 minutes.  It's one of Kaya's favorite spots.  She just love it when the fountain dances to Whitney Houston's I will always love you and Michael Jackson's Thriller.  

The address
Pikit ulit
The girls
Connection to Souk Al Bahar
We ate at the Social House, sa sobrang gutom hinde na namin napicture-an ang food
Burj Khalifa before sunset
Deadma sa fountain. =)
I love this photo
Fad na talaga ang PIKIT shot
Bong's new friends, bigla na lang nagpapicture sa kanya at i-add daw sila sa Facebook. =)
The fountain in action
Reminds me of Gotham City
Dates shopping
Choco dates from Bateel
Parang diploma and pagbibigay ni Rach ng going away gift niya for Bong =)
Post dinner merienda muna
Sa sobrang gusto ko nitong Coffee Buns from Bon (Souk Al Bahar), pinilit ko si Bong na picture-an ako dito =)

Everything happened so quickly and it took some time for me to look back on those five days that Bong was here.  Though tiring, it was such an amazing time for all of us.  I'd like to once again send my love and appreciation to my friends here in Dubai for coordinating Bong's tour with me.  I couldn't have done it without you guys.  I had been feeling homesick the past few weeks and seeing my best friend in the whole world was so refreshing.  

Photos by: Bong Malong
"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."

- Robert Southey


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