Friday, April 6, 2012

BONG-ga Dubai! Day 3

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Bong's third day was a quest of the "old" Dubai.  You'll find it around the Dubai Creek, in which the Ancient Greeks called River Zara.  We wanted him to have a feel of the old culture that was somehow overshadowed by the skyscrapers that ridiculously rose rapidly over the years.  Deira was the main commercial center and on the western bank lies Bur Dubai and Shindagha.  For tourists, visiting the city on both sides of the creek is a must.  To do that, one must take the abra (small wooden boat) that ferries passengers until this day.  

Shoppers also flock to the souqs (public markets) for a taste of good old bargain hunting.  It was Kaan's turn to hang out with Bong that day and they had loads of fun together.  It was Kaan's first abra ride too, kaya nagfeeling tourist din siya, hehehe.  Kaan, thanks for taking keeping him company, sobrang enjoy niya daw kasama ka.

So here's Kaan and Bong's taste of the "Old" Dubai.

 The Gold Souk
 He bought a necklace for someone really special, his mom. =)
 The abra
Crossing the creek
Bur Dubai side
 Perstaymers. =D
Old Souk station

After a few hours of touring Old Dubai, it was time for lunch.  Kaan brought Bong to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Smiling BKK located behind Al Wasl road.  Though its location is concealed, it has a loyal fan base.  The food is delish and affordable plus the interior looks like an art shack (photos, books, shirts, and lights scattered around the area) that's truly a delight to the eyes.  

Joke time!
 Random photos
 And more!
 The table arrangement
The dangling lights
 Special Menu
Bong's purchases of the day
 Zippo collector na daw siya ngayon. TSE! Yabang!
Pad Thai
 The heart-shaped rice

A trip to Kaan's work place was next on the list.  Al Tayer Motors represents major European and American car manufacturers such as Ford, Lincoln, Maserati, Jaguar, etc. across the UAE.  This is what heaven looks like for a car enthusiast like Bong.  It may be comparable to how I feel every time I'm inside a Louboutin or Blahnik store so I clearly have an idea how happy he was to see all these metal objects with four wheels.  

Reddish car :p

What better way to end this day of expedition than good food and overflowing drinks with my wild friends.  I really wanted to cook something that night just to prove to our visitor that I CAN cook.  Although I'm what you can call a google chef (I google everything I cook), I always get it right.  But because I can't play Superwoman due to severe exhaustion, I got help from a professional.  In short, nagpaluto ako, hahahaha.  So that night it was honest to goodness Filipino food on the menu and it was truly comforting.  

 Sweet and sour fish fillet, Chicken BBQ, Palabok and Pork BBQ
  Ayun, may nag-attempt mangulit.
 Sinong na-arm lock ngayon? LOL!
 Sarap kumain!
Inuman na!
Me and cousin May. Mabuhay ang mga MADLA!
JD =)
Bong and Juvelia
Shashy and Bong
Bong and Eric
May and Bong
 Shmpre ako din
Bong and Rona so sweet =)
Rach and Bong
 Me, May and Jose Mari
 This has got to be my favorite photo of that day!
Eto din, hahaha. PEACE pinsan! =)

Thanks to all our friends who came over, Juvelia, Eric, Aina, Jan and pinsang May.  Aside from the drinks, the English language was abundant that night too.  It meant only one thing, tinamaan kaming lahat. It wasn't a surprise taking into account that the session ended at 7 in the morning.  The sun was shining through the window.  It was one crazy, fun night err morning.  

Photos taken by Bong Malong

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien


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