Friday, April 6, 2012

BONG-ga Dubai! Day 2

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We meant to keep Bong's schedule a bit lighter on his second day.  I know he was tired waking up early, mornings have been bearable with the help of caffeine and cigarettes.  He badly needs a break.  It was Patricia's turn to take him out, thank goodness for her approved-by-the-boss day off.  While me and the rest of the girls started the day bright and early, my two friends spent the morning in bed.  Chika chika, a quick shower and they were off to meet us for lunch.  Chat's, Rach's and my office were located near each other so we strategically planned to meet them along Jumeirah Beach Road.  We've an hour to spare so we thought of taking him to one of our favorite brunch spots in the city, The Lime Tree.  I know he wouldn't really enjoy the food but I've to feed him something healthy even for just one meal to break away from his coke-yosi-baboy habit.  

So there we were, four loud girls and a tourist chatting our way through lunch.  Bong thought the food was delish, he just wasn't that satisfied.  Wapakels, as long as he munched on something healthy, I'm happy with that.  

Here are some photos of that day.

The lift inside our building
Jumeirah Grand Mosque
They stopped by this mosque to take some photos
Roasted pumpkin and bacon quiche
Mediterranean pasta salad
Salad with pomegranate dressing
The to die for Carrot Cake! YUM!
Roast chicken and crispy beef bacon sandwich, I think. =D
The girls
With the tourist, soshal! =D
Our best look so far. =D

After lunch Patur and Bong went straight to Dubai Mall to view the stunning Burj Khalifa.  After a few rounds of shopping galore ni Bong Malong, they ate snacks at More.
Patur =)
Dubai Mall Aquarium
Turista sa Aquarium
Snacks at MORE with Patur and Kaan
Burj Khalifa
Kapag nagpapicture sa harap ng Burj Khalifa, nakakatangkad. =)
See, long legged in an instant! =D
Anong fez to? =D

Bong was cordially invited by our friends in Deira (parang Mayor lang, cordially!).  He got to know them through Facebook and kwento kwento lang.  It was their first time to meet after almost four years of "knowing" each other.  Truth is, Bong memorized their full names.  When we chat, he always calls them by their full names, or whatever name they put up in Facebook.  Thank you girls for the sumptuous PIGING you prepared that night.  Sarap na sarap lang si Malong sa baboy.  He deeply appreciates your warm welcome.  

Thank you Jem, Trisha, Batang, Kaan Patur and Lab! =D 
Thank YOU!!!!! Happy Birthday din pala kay Em!
Babuy galore!
Deira Peeps!
Habol kame!

If you think he's had enough fun, think again.  Things will get even more exciting in the next few days.  There's still a lot of places to see and stuff to do.  I think he's pretty well-rested and ready to explore some more.  Look out for my next posts hopefully in the next few hours.

Photos by: Bong Malong

 “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard


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