Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pa-SIGHTsina ng Bagelia presents Ms. Kristine de Leon

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Ms. Kristine de Leon - who most of us fondly calls Tine, Beb or Madame Klaudia with a K. If my calculations are correct we spend at least 5 hours each day together. Together means 5 hours of chatting, learning bekimon, comment blasting on Facebook and recently we are mastering the art of bombarding Twitter with tweets such as:

 tine de leon 

@ got the GO signal from Ylmaz! LOL can'twait. Outfit hunting for the 

 Miejay Madla 

@ omg I'm so not in today! Ang busy ko!! I hate it, no social life :(

In those times we spent well together (sa kaartehan, kabaklaan at kalokokahan), I got to know her better. Beb is one superwoman. She bravely battles the call of duty as the HR Manager (she's not, but she will be soon - I just love calling her that, I think it sounds powerful) screening interviewees with names such as Ching Bee and pesanteng Romeo. (LOL) Yes pesante, she's Madame Klaudia right? =). Seriously I admire how she takes pleasure in attending to her work with such grace and style. She would often update me if someone's making her head burst because of situations I'd rather not mention but after venting everything out, we'll end the conversation dying literally of laughter. That's Beb, a woman who puts a strong face forward even more so at times when she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.  

This Pa-SIGHTsina project of mine aims to expose how fashion forward real people are in this day and age. Juggling amidst keeping up with the latest trends and living the real life. How a person carries herself would genuinely reflect in how one carries her bag. 

So without further delay I present Ms. Kristine de Leon's bagelia! I-SIGHTsina nyo na!=)
NOTE: This is an ambush bag attack (Wis nya know na may ganage!)

"Ano to babe? Anong ginagawa mo? Hinde ako ready!" - Beb's reaction to the bag attack   

The Bagelia: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene Canvass  (with KF hot stamp) When asked about what the stamp stands for, she politely declined to disclose. (artista moves? hahaha)

Everything inside her bag 

Notes booklet of the BDJ planner. We're so into this planner, as in!

Etienne Aigner Wallet

(From left to right) Band-aid, Eye pencil, Lip Balm, Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25, Benetint Pocket Pal, Lip Gloss, Clinique Mascara (black), Make up brush, Sephora Mascara (clear) and Eyelash Curler from Gift Gallery (Pak) - this she can't live without. 

D&G Light Blue Lotion, Evian Facial Spray

A pen, keys to office cabinets and house key with Mickey Mouse key chain (she adores this mouse), BlackBerry Curve, Oral-B Dental Floss (her lifesaver) and Always Ultra sensitive for those red letter days

Thanks Beb! I'm such a snoop and I'm loving it. Can't hardly wait for my next nose around session. Who's bagelia is next? Hmmm.. =)


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