Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skeletons and MORE!

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They say skeletons are remains of something already gone. Let's take love for example. Sometimes we ought to not let go of someone we once loved, we couldn't just throw away the memories. Instead, we chose to let it hang inside the closet, open it at times when we need repose and close it again when we feel the pain. It uprightly sounds pathetic but to some it's comforting. 

I do not intend to write a piece about love and love lost today, oh please, this I lack (hahaha!). Rather I will share things that bring me comfort and warmth.Today I unveil the second batch of styles from my closet. I also wanted to use this entry to thank everyone who showed support, from heaven sent people who pegged and planted ideas in my head, to my dear slashies who patiently helped me in brainstorming, malling and photo shoots, my friends and family who patiently reposted my blog link, and my CLIENTS, with S talaga (taray!)! Thank you for trusting my taste. I promise we'll do better in the upcoming months. February was so good to me, and feel that March will sweep me off my feet. 

This set is dear to me since I got to feature my friends' stylishness as well. Rach, Rona and Tine all agreed to share a portion of their closet (Yey!). You can send me a personal message on my Facebook account (Michelle Jassen Madla) if you have queries, orders, comments or even violent reactions. This batch will run for two weeks from today or until supplies last. Happy shopping everyone! =)

Style no. 1

He loves me, he loves you not black shirt from Forever 21 (S,M,L)
Red Shorts from Bershka (not for sale)
 Over sized Alexa inspired bag from Blanco (available in Black and Brown)
Six hole brown boots from Forever 21
Style no. 2

White sleeveless top by Forever 21 (S, M sizes)
Blue floral skirt by Forever 21 (S,M,L sizes)
Vintage mid cut oxfords from Forever 21 (sizes available)
Style no. 3

Black dress from Forever 21 (Belt not included)
Over sized Alexa inspired bag from Blanco (available in Black and Brown)
Nude peep toe pumps from Steve Madden (not for sale)

Style no. 4

Love Pink shirt by Victoria Secret ( comes in Red, Gray, Black and Purple)
Vintage mid cut oxfords from Forever 21 (sizes available)
Black satin shorts from Pull and Bear (not for sale)

Style no. 5

Sleeveless top by H&M (comes in Pink, Neon Green, and Gray)
Cream bandage skirt by Forever 21 (S,M,L sizes)
*White and black colors are also available - skirt length is an inch shorter 

Style no. 6

White long sleeves sheer top by Zara (sizes available - undershirt not included)
Black printed shorts by H&M (sizes available)
Over sized Alexa inspired bag by Blanco (comes in brown and black)
Flats by American Eagle (not for sale)

Style no. 7

Forever young white printed top by Bershka
Mustard colored pants by Zara (comes in Navy blue and khaki color)
White shoes by Pretty Fit (not for sale)
Coach messenger bag (not for sale)

It was a tiring, yet fun shoot. My friends made it perfect. Big hugs to the SLASHIES Tine, Rach, Rona, Rach and Chat! You're the best. More skeletons unveiling soon, watch out for that. Send me a private message now! Happy Shopping! =)


guia said...

hi po... ask ko lang po kung how much yung cream bandage skirt (small) na suot ni boss tine and yung white long sleeves from zara.. thanks ^_^

ERT said...

the skirt in the style no .5 is asum
nice blog

Miejay Madla said...

Hi Guia!Tine sent you a PM on your Facebook account! Thanks! :)

Miejay Madla said...

Thanks ERT! =)

chercher said...

great styles.send me the price list pretty please?thanks.I totally love the bag and the chain necklace.But please send me th prices.For the shirt.Id like to order medium.

Miejay Madla said...

Hi Chercher! Thanks for the inquiry. Do you have an e-mail address or a facebook account that I can send the price list to? You can add me on Facebook, Michelle Jassen Madla. Thanks. =)

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