Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Erykah Badu chills in Dubai.

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STOKED! I am stoked! After months of excruciating agony of work and homesickness, finally a time to CHILL! The 5th Dubai Chill Out Festival will be held on April 8 and 9 at the Nasimi beach, Atlantis Palm Jumeirah (and I thought I would never be seen at that place again - But there is always an exception, and for this, it's ERYKAH BADU baby!!! The excessive use exclamation points describes how excited I am! 

I'm trying to calm myself down. See, when I saw the Coachella Festival line-up for April 16th of this year, my heart was broken knowing I can never go to Cali and watch. Yesterday, my heart was mended because Tine told me she's coming over for the Chill Out fest - just a week before Coachella wooohoooo! The Queen of Neo Soul is known for her eccentric music style and fashion. I love her towering, colorful head wraps, I am fervently hoping for guts and confidence because I'd really like to wear one some day. 

Aside from Erykah, the festival also has great artists lined up, and for this year they are:

Friday, April 8th:
4:30 – 6pm – Brownies (Live)
6 – 7:30pm – Liminal Roots (DJ)
7:30 – 9pm – Midival Punditz (Live)
9 – 10:30pm – Matthew Hawtin (Dj set)
10:30 – 12am – Royksopp (Live)
12 – 2am – Felix Martin (Hot Chip) DJ set

Saturday, April 9th:

4:30 – 6pm – Kaleidoscope
6 – 7:30 – AIM Feat Niko Live PA
7:30 – 9pm – The Cinematic Orchestra (Live)
9 – 10:30pm – Matthew Herbert (DJ Set)
10:30 – 12am – Erykah Badu
12 – 2am – David Craig Feat Carlene Live PA 

Ticket Prices:

Advance Tickets
Single day Pass - 150 aed
Double Day Pass - 250 aed

At The door
Single Day Pass - 200 aed
Double Day Pass - 300 aed

Under 21 Tickets
Each Day - 80 aed

You can check for more details.

Let me share this song from Erykah and Stephen Marley - In love with you to set  your Chillax mood on. See you there!


Tine said...

nice. giddy giddy!

"oh, what am I supposed to do when I want you in my world?,
How can I want you for myself when I'm already somebody's girl.
I guess I'll see you next lifetime.

We'll be butterflies...."


Miejay Madla said...

We'll be butterflies in our next lifetime! Oh beb! I can't wait :D

Nadir said...

Erykah Badu!!! Sweetness. cant wait! probably the sweetest lineup iv ever seen in dubai!

Miejay Madla said...

Me too Nadir! SWEET! :)

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