Saturday, March 12, 2011

Party! Party POSERS!: Sandance Dance Music Festival at Nasimi Beach

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Yesterday I woke up with a heavy heart. I got a message from my mom telling me about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It made us more worried when we found out that the Philippines was put on Tsunami alert level 2. We were glued to the television, hoping and praying for good news. This is definitely one situation you would beg not to be part of if you're an expat Pinoy. When not so good events and calamities threaten Pinas, it's like going through chronic weariness - intellectual exhaustion, depression, unable to concentrate, headache, etc. It's a good thing my mom knows how to handle her daughter, the worrier. She told me that everything's going to be fine with overwhelming assurance in her voice. I was mollified for a little bit. I just forced myself to trust every word she said, that was the only thing for me left to do. To our brothers and sisters in Japan, my heart goes out to you. In times like these we can only pray to find paradise amidst the devastation no matter how hard it is.

In the search for hope, we finally received news that the Philippines was free for harm (Thank God!). Along with that, my friend Tine won tickets to the Sandance at Nasimi Beach (wala namang siguro Tsunami dun). SANDANCE by Nasimi Beach is a 12 hour day and night dance music festival and the most glamorous beach gathering Dubai has ever seen. As certified non-clubbers we don't really know what to expect in an event as such. I personally do not have passion for that genre, alam ko lang they sound like this "Tuggs! Tuggs! Tuggs!". I don't even know if I can move to that kind of beat, and it's a DANCE music festival for crying out loud. A good friend told me to always keep an open mind and to not let any chance of immersion to different cultures pass me by. So, fine. I officially declared that night, the POSER NIGHT! Chat, Tine and I decided on what to wear, prepared ourselves with the help of our stylist and super lovely friend Rach. We dropped by  Stacey's party first with Kaan and Patur (Happy Birthday Stacey!) and off to Nasimi Beach at Atlantis we went. 

It is without at doubt that Nasimi beach event organizers know how to throw big and glamorous shindigs. Imagine how they gathered thousands of people to attend previous parties they hosted. This sounds really interesting and honestly it made me more anxious to ascertain why events that they staged always end up with an enormous turnout of party goers. Tarik, one of the organizers, contacted Tine. He wanted to fetch us at the gate so we won't have to wait in line (The line is that long!?). So here's our adventure with a lot misadventures in our first and last taste of the Sandance. Note to self: Ang hirap maging poser. PARTY! PARTY!

Patur, Tine and I getting ready for the night
Hit the road Jack!
Parking area - Atlantis 
We arrived around 10 pm, and there's still a long cue at the entrance
Unknown guy, Me, Beb and Tarik posing for Nasimi Beach's Twitter pic (Villain no. 1, unknown guy who came from nowhere bigla na lang sumingit sa picture, kung makadikit ng mukha feeling close! Hay kuya!)
Finally, a better picture with Tarik, we took this after he toured us around the vicinity
Approximately 8,000 attendees according to Tarik. You have got to be kidding me!
Beb and I trying our very best to keep this night alive!
Shisha =)
This has got to be the best part of the night: Our feet on the sand!
The BAR: Maybe alcohol would help us loosen up
Villain no. 2 - Just look at our disgraced faces! LOL
At least he was kind enough to offer to take a photo of us three
And he took one more shot..
Thank God for double adhesives!
Trying to step into the groove! hahaha!
One word for Tine: FIERCE! :)
Not even crutches can stop this woman from partying
Dancer on sticks
Villain no. 3 - Ugh uncomfortable me.
Food Booths
Happy faces at last when we decided to end the night!
Weeehh! Can't wait to go home! LOL! =)
Harassed and kapoy na, pero all smiles pa rin - Yan ang magaling na POSER!
Heineken freezer - Literal na freezer na pang tao
Thank you Nasimi Beach! It was an experience that is so hard to forget

I've learned a lot of things last night. Next time I'll be dragged to something like this, (yun e kung may makakapilit pa) a pepper spray would come in handy and I plan to put little spike-like objects in my wardrobe for those villains who would attempt to spoil the night. Somehow I had a little grasp of what to expect in a dance party - a lot of wasted peeps dancing like it's the last their last night on earth. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to witness thousands of people flying high last night, it was just not my kind of fun. Thank you Tine for taking us here. Masusulat ito sa libro ng buhay natin. Hahaha! I love my girls! 

Here's a little sneak of the last night's scene. 


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