Saturday, March 19, 2011

OLD fashion is the NEW fashion

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I am  fond of old stuff. I think it was love at first smell. Don't you just love the smell of old books? newspapers? bags? furniture? When it comes to fashion I adore the uniqueness of the old style. When I look back at my mom's  photos, I drool over her wardrobe (bell bottoms, colorful floral prints, huge eyeglasses, envelope purses, chiffon and lace dresses, lace ruffled tops, wool plaid fabric, animal print scarves, fur and feather hats, maxi skirts, rompers, bleached prints..I could go on all day). Sayang lang because she gave everything away, she did't think of the probability that she'll have a daughter as arte me. So that's my life's lesson no. 28, keep everything - my clothes, shoes and accessories, it would definitely come in handy for Kaya some day.

Yesterday was vintage day out for me and my girlfriends. We were talking about my summer style to be featured next week and we came across some vintage designs. I showed them a site where vintage items were sold, then again sa Pinas na naman so I was quite hopeless. Then there's this light bulb moment ni Tine kemerloo. She said she read about a vintage shop here in Dubai, so hurriedly we flew. When we finally reached the place, it was so damn hard to leave. It was HEAVEN on EARTH.

Welcome to Bambah! 
A chest full of treasures! SHOES!
A trunk full of belts! CLASSY!
Old bags on an old chair: I love the black one on the left, costs about 220 USD.
More bags! Nakakabaliw
Hello HATS! These inspired our Dubai World Cup ensemble
This dress is such a treat for the eyes. It caught Tine's attention.
Side table
The WALL: Fasyon na fasyon
Ang kadamitan: Fierce na fierce and mga sumasabog na kulay! I love it!
Ang sarap iuwi nung buong luggage!
Books: Rach asked ate how much these are, they are not for sale daw :(
Dramatic: This reminds me of Ang Babae sa Cabinet ni Juday! Pansinin sa right side and babaeng nanalamin. LOL!
Pouches and Purses
Tremendous taste! Hats off to TINE! :)
The absolute Fashion Guru: RACH! 
Tine inside the fitting room. I find the details on the wallpaper appealing.
Rach smitten by the hat :)
Go World Cup moment!
My favorite spot: Mga bag sa loob ng aparador ni lola
Notice the resemblance of the vintage bag on the left and the Mulberry sling bag on the right 
Musty is a must!
It was so hard for me to let go of this bag, and the hat..oohhh I love! The antique plank flooring definitely added drama to the place.
It was hard for us to go, but it was torture for us to stay. So eto, mowdel mowdel na lang sa labas. Hahaha!

The shop sales person is a Filipina. She told us Bambah opened December of last year. Regular vintage patrons are mostly Europeans and some locals. The owner, an Egyptian, personally handpicks the merchandise from all over the world. They accentuate styles from the 1930's to the 1980's. The shop also offers designs from Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dior and Nina Ricci. This shop is perfect for ladies who are in search for unconventional yet groovy and sleek wardrobe for special events and parties. For vintage disciples like me and my friends, we demand these items for everyday use (hahahaha!). 

On Tuesday, March 22nd, they'll have a special sale. It's called Denim on Denim, so if you wear denim from head to foot (inexagg ko lang), you'll have a 10% discount on all items. Vintage pieces are usually in higher quality, had less use, more exclusive and durable making it a bit pricey so for those enthusiasts, let us not miss this chance. Hope to see you on Tuesday! 

Bambah is located at 39 Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite Dubai zoo), Dubai UAE.  


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bambah is absolutely amazing! see you there doll! ♥

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TRUE! See you there! :)

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