Monday, February 28, 2011

Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

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I would still choose a regular existence over a "lifestyle of the rich and famous" frill given the chance to live my life again. Although I'm sure that most of us were dragged by our parents to auditions and castings when we were younger. Admit it! Sinong sa inyo nag-audition sa Ang TV? (hahahahaha!) Well my brother JM did (I swear he'll kill me once he reads this). Because of that audition though he got regular stints on different local TV shows and movies when he was still in grade school. I can't even recall how many, and I won't bother to name a few because he might never forgive me but I'll give you one proof.

Pangako Sa'yo (Pilot Episode) 2:19-2:37

"Tay, Nay may bata!" - Caloy (Jay Manalo)
With Nanay Belen and Tatay Isko
Ang pagkakapulot kay Ina (Kristine Hermosa) sa basura!

Now I have to resort to bribe him with something just so I can enter our house when I go home for vacation. (For the nth time, I swear he's going to kill me). This is good material though JM, I can't resist blogging it (lol). In high school though he stopped attending to this kind of stint because he felt he was too old for it, in short nagbinata. 

Enough about him, I've no plans of dying young. Last week I blogged about the Dubai Jazz Fest 2011, I've mentioned that a photographer from a magazine took photos of us. I wasn't really expecting the photos to be published. So here's my short brush with fame..

February 21-Monday, I saw this on

Last night, as we were walking through our neighborhood in search for food, we stopped by Spinney's and I saw this on the mag stand!

TimeOut Dubai Feb 24-March 2 issue
Excited si Inday! :)
This is it!!! Nay, tay nasa Magazine ako! Hahahahaha :))

Paparazzi, fans, globetrotting, private jets and oh yes, bodyguards..these things got me dreaming just a little bit. My life out in the open for everyone's entertainment.

Rockstar? Why not! (rak na rak si ate!)

A Fashion ICON!! Oooh lalaaaaa (hahahahahhaha!!!)

The Richella of all Richellas! (kabog!)

My love life! (oh, tumaas kilay ng marami LOL)

The last cover suits me well. To even think that I want to be all those is vague. I'll just be content with a smile and with a song. This world is indeed so vague.  I'm happy with what I have.


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