Saturday, February 12, 2011

More skeletons in my closet: ROCK MY STYLE!

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This is really not some dark secret from the past that I hope to take to the grave with me. My closet actually reveals my style, my influences and my great love for shopping (ayun na!) The decision to unveil my closet in such a public way came from friends and family members who believed (chos!) in my taste. Clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that I will feature here are all hand picked by yours truly and these are definitely included in my wardrobe. In this public display of myself, I have in fact accepted the reality that not everyone will appreciate how I dress. If you like what you see, you are most welcome to place an order and if you don't like it, (you can) LUMP it.

Each style will run for two weeks in my blog. You can get information, place an order and get confirmation from me within those two weeks. After which, I shall ship the merchandise. If interested you can send me a PM on my  Facebook account (Michelle Jassen Madla) and I shall respond to your queries promptly. 

Now, without further ado the skeletons in my closet that I am proud of. 


Style no. 1

Rolling Stone black top by H&M
Shorts by American Eagle (not for sale)
14 hole red boots by Doc Martens ( not for sale)
Mulberry Anthony Messenger bag (unisex)
Gucci Medium Messenger Bag (Blue)
Accesories (rings, bangles) by Forever 21

Style no. 2

Smurf top by H&M
Flowery ring by Forever 21
White shorts by American Eagle (not for sale)
Rayban Aviator shades (not for sale)

Style no. 3

The Beatles shirt by H&M
Hi-cut black sneakers by Juicy Couture
Accessories by Forever 21

Style no. 4

The Beatles Yellow Submarine shirt by H&M
Black skirt by DKNY (not for sale)
Yellow oxford shoes by Shoeology (not for sale)

Style no. 5

Black and White checkered top by Forever 21 (belt not included)
Hi-cut black sneakers by Juicy Couture
Accessories by Forever 21

Excessorize it!!!

All accessories (rings and bangles) are from Forever 21

Thank you to my Fab 3 Slashies! Rona Puquiz, Rachell Bonanza and Kristine de Leon. All these wouldn't be possible without you. I love you to the bones! Mwaaah!

There. I shared it. It is out in the open, the skeletons in my closet. Send me a private message on my Facebook account (Michelle Jassen Madla) for questions, orders, feedback..even brutal reactions are welcomed. I feel much better now. =)


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