Saturday, June 11, 2011

Satchels saved us.

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TGIF! What better way to spend the weekend than spending it with family?  Throughout the years, I've managed to create band of friends and eventually transforming them into a loving family.  It's very comforting to think that this bond we have is stronger because this family was born out of choice.  This is not a complete family picture though, we have special friends we missed yesterday.  However that did not stop us to accomplish a photo shoot with the new members of our tribe.  

I'd like to dedicate this blog to the reasons why we giggle most of the time, why we can't hide the smile on our faces, why our hearts skip a beat...  Meet our new sweethearts, our SATCHELS! Oh yes, we have this silly infatuation on these lovelies.  We met them online, I can't forget that crazy night we splurged on shopping (oh-oh).  When it was finally delivered, we lost every remaining pound of levelheadedness.  So I want to spread this hysteria to all those bag lovers out there.  I can't forget the time that I wrote a blog about the satchels I've been eyeing for a long time - and I've got tons of feedback about it.  One of which was my brother's - JM is super straight (LOL!).  He was just asking me about it because he plans to give his girlfriend (a bag hag) one as a gift.  What caught his attention was the  Proenza Schouler pouch leather and when I told him how much it costs, he was cursing like hell.  So as I promised, here are some satchels that won't hurt your savings much.  

Our day started with late lunch.  The normal eating like a pig, catching up and non-stop babbling for about and hour and a half.  Oh my, how we missed those killer prawns from Jimmy's.  I really wish I can pig out everyday.  After eating, we stopped for coffee and took photos.  I just love this day.

Our faces before eating. Blank faces means we're super hungry.
Tine and Rach while waiting for the food
Tine, Chat, me and Rach
It's hard not to laugh every time we're all together
The usual chika-chika. Photo below described how I can't hide my hunger. Nakanganga na aketch. Bwahahaha!
FOOD! Finally.
Desert time.  I love this shot.
After desert chitchat.

On Rachel
H&M Maxi Dress
Swatch New Gent
Ray-ban Aviator
Havaianas Flipflops

Satchel no. 2 - ASOS Green purse-like satchel
On Tine
H&M sleeveless top
Abercrombie and Fitch distressed shorts
Swatch watch
Ray-ban Wayfarer
Michael Kors jelly sandals

On me:
Bershka cyan sleeveless top
Abercrombie and Fitch distressed shorts
Swatch by Manish Aurora
Ray-ban Aviator
Vans classic slip on

Satchel no. 5 - Cambridge Satchel Company 14" Cracked Leather Satchel (Exclusive to ASOS)
This is my favorite piece =)

Satchel no. 6 - Asos Mailman Satchel

What happens behind the scene is a whole other story of course. Here are some snaps on how  we painlessly have fun in whatever we do.

Choosing which bags to use.
Only my friends can pull of walking glamorously under a scorching 38 °C temperature.
Debate! This bag or this bag? LOL!
Mahangin ba sa labas?
I can't understand why my legs are crossed while chatting.
This is cute! Small - Medium - Large
Rona was ordering us to look back. LINGON! hahaha.
There goes my crossed legs again.
Love the bag colors.
Testing a photo booth
We decided to ask Rona to take a photo of us instead
So much for the photo booth.
Surrounded by beauties - Tine loving the company =)

Photos taken by: Rona Puquiz, Chat Recardo and Rachell Bonanza
Location: Jimmy's and Starbucks Uptown Mirdiff


tine said...

Family day is love. ang swerte-swerte ko talaga!

Miejay Madla said...

You know I'm the lucky one. Thanks for this day Beb. =D Kisses*

Tine said...

hala! mas swerte ako, kase kaibigan kita. bwahahahaha!

Justine said...

I actually just bought the Traditional Colour Briefcase and love it!!

Miejay Madla said...

That's great! That bag is adorable :)

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