Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love and Basketball.

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Basketball - I love this game.  Thanks to my dad who left me with no choice but to watch every single conference of the PBA since I was a kid.  Back in the old days we had one TV with less than 10 channels and I was compelled to watch every single PBA conference because my dad was the king of the remote control.  I hated it at first because I couldn't watch those sitcoms and tear-jerkers prime time slots were showcasing.  I didn't know too much about basketball then but there was one team that got me hooked.  That team was the San Miguel Beermen.  Season after season I followed and I couldn't thank my dad enough for not giving in to our pleas to switch channels.

The last "live" PBA game that I watched was about three years ago. It was between Purefoods and Red Bull. Purefoods is my second favorite team next to the Beermen.  I remember how frustrated I was watching that game because I forgot to bring my eyeglasses plus I was situated at the lower box of the Cuneta Astrodome so you can just imagine how obscure the players' faces were.  When I left the Philippines, I found solace in watching the games online and on the Kapamilya channel leaving my friends annoyed with my deafening screams and curses.  

After three lengthy years, finally, finally, finally, the PBA pays Dubai a visit.  If you guys can only see the stupid smile in my face while I'm typing, you might feel the urge to give me a bitch slap hahaha.  Yesterday was miracle day.  Not only was I able to see my favorite players in person but I was able to have short yet meaningful conversations with them over lunch. Imagine this scene inside the restaurant - it was just the staff, me with my friends Rachell and Rona and the entire B-Meg Llamados (formerly Purefoods TJ Giants) team.  When they stopped by our table and they were all smiling at us and I really didn't know how to react.  I just found myself extending my hand out and calling each and everyone with their first names (FEELING CLOSE?).  They were kind enough to pose with us in photos and believe me they were the ones conducting the interview.  I mean, Marc Pingris and James Yap were really interested in knowing what we do for a living, how many years we've been staying here and I thought we were the ones whose gonna' ask all the questions.  

I also had the chance to spend a little time with my ultimate basketball player crush, the 2008  PBA All-Star Game MVP, Peter June Simon.  I really don't think there are ample words to describe how I felt.  Hay. After lunch Rona went to Al Shabab Sports Club to watch them practice.  She had a short chat with John Paul "Pong" Escobal  who nearly missed the bus because he was busy conversing with my friend. PAK.

I''ll see you all in tonight's game.  B-Meg Llamados vs Talk n Text Tropang Texters, 7:30 pm at the Al Shabab Sports Club.  Here are some memorable pictures from that unforgettable lunch.

Rach and I with Marc Pingris
B-Meg Llamados
Oh yeah, the whole team.
Rona with James Yap
The Captain Alvin Patrimonio - B-Meg's Team Manager
Me and cutie Roger Yap
Mahangin ba sa labas moment with James Yap
Ultimate crush PJ Simon. Hay. He's wearing an AE shirt and I'm wearing AE shorts (oo may meaning sa akin yun hahahahaha!)
Practice time
Marc Pingris stretching
Practice, practice
PJ Simon 
Pong Escobar
Roger Yap
Marc Pingris

Game schedules:
June 30, 2011 (7:30 pm) -  Talk & Text  Tropang Texter vs BMEG Derby Ace Llamados  
July 1, 2011 (6:00) - Barangay Ginebra Kings vs Talk & Text Tropang Texter.
All  games will be played at the Al Shabab Sports Club (beside Century Mall, Al Mamzar Area, Dubai, UAE.)
For tickets, check poster below.

Photos taken by Rona Puquiz and Rach Bonanza


Anonymous said...

drool drool drool. You guys are soo lucky.

Miejay Madla said...

Super! I still can't get over it :)

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