Monday, June 6, 2011

Humanity in Print

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I just couldn't miss this chance to write about this new collection.  This season, Freeway launched the National Artist Collectors’ Series Fall 2011 Collection featuring the works of the living legend, National Artist for Literature F. Sionil José.   This line previously highlighted the creations of National artists Nick Joaquin (Literature), Ang Kiukok (Visual Arts), Jose Garcia Villa (Literature) and Ramon Valera (Fashion Design). 

It was Literature classes in college that I got acquainted with the masterpieces of these literary legends - Nick Joaquin, Jose Garcia Villa and F. Sionil Jose.  Sure I have this huge crush on my Lit professor who happens to like guys also (oh, yes!). But it's good thing, since he got me hooked  on reading.  I was always ready for his class, making sure I've mastered all advance reading assignments and I was literally munching on books for breakfast.  I wonder how Mr. ***** is? I really, really like that guy - such a clever and brilliant creature.  Oh, by the way, Nick Joaquin, Ang Kiukok and F. Sionil Jose all hailed from UST. Go UST-e! 

This collection will interpret Jose's masterpieces in graphic tees, boyfriend shirts, woven tops, dresses and accessories. I need to snatch a dress or two maybe - must go home now (hihihi). The idea of fusion - Filipino literature meets current fashion, is simply exceptional.  

Here are the works of National Artists Nick Joaquin, Ang Kiukok, Jose Garcia Villa and Ramon Villa from the previous collection.

Some snaps of the Freeway NACS launch held last May 31st at Greenbelt 5.

National Artist F. Sionil Jose (Literature)
 Lisa Macuja - Elizalde hosting the launch
 Cherie Gil reciting excerpts from Jose's work
Lourd de Veyra delivering a composition of Jose

"I am 85 and how I despair over how three generations of our leaders failed! Before I go, please let me see this unhappy country begin to be a much better place than the garbage dump our leaders and people have made it. You can be this long awaited messiah but only if you are brave enough and wise enough to redeem your father’s aborted promise."
                                                                                - F. Sionil Jose                                
                                                                                Hindsight - An open letter to Noynoy Aquino
                                                                                The Philippine Star, 23 May 2010

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