Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fairy tales do come true.

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Never underestimate a child's fantasy.  It is rather possible to turn it to reality these days.  When we were young we used to dream of being a superhero dying to save the world, a villain acting on revenge or a princess who's waiting for her prince to come. Playing pretend helps kids exercise their imagination in order to learn.  The simple villain and hero rivalry brings into the child's consciousness that there are rules to follow, hence there is good and evil in this world.  I think it would be a mistake to discourage kids to build castles in the air since it would play a great role in early education.

Last Thursday, our friend Heart gave us the opportunity to step into a child's fantasy and impersonate someone that will help materialize a dream.  Now I can say for once in my life I was a Princess, and I think most kids believed it (hahaha! chos).  Parties nowadays are I can say more vividly demonstrative in creating that wonderland inside a child's mind - mascots, princesses, huge candies, balloons, food, cake, decorations, shows, etc (name it and it's surely achievable).  The stint we did is for a 2 year old kid's party and boy did someone spent lavishly to set up this masterpiece.  I was in awe when I checked out every detail that was put to use for that party.  

It was  very exciting for me since I'm going to throw a bash for Kaya when I go home for vacation on her birthday this September. I've already reserved the venue and made deals with suppliers.  I wanted to give her the best party because it's been a while since she celebrated her birthday with me on her side.  As a frustrated party organizer, I paid attention to even the littlest specifics just to make sure everything is in harmony.  I had so much fun planning and preparing everything with my friends.  Oh, I can't wait to party with Kaya Jamaica, a few more months anak, a few more months to go.

Thank you Heart for this opportunity. We truly got a kick out of the experience.  

The Princesses at play
That kid was really enjoying the attention
Serious and playful
The venue (Godolphin Ballroom, Emirates Towers)
Heart in a photo of the celebrant's name - HAMDAN
Thank you LORD for desserts!
Dessert for kiddos
Food, food and more food
A buffet of salads
Rona as Ariel of the Little Mermaid minus the tail fin
Chat as Snow White minus the 7 dwarfs 
Heart as Cinderella minus the evil stepsisters
Rach as Aurora of the Sleeping Beauty minus the sleep
Me in an over-sized gown as Belle of Beauty and the Beast minus the beast
Rona and Chat, I mean Ariel and Snow White
Princesses welcoming guests by the venue entrance
Princesses with Ate Glenda
Everyone's favorite Barney is actually my friend Jacqueline in her first mascot appearance (LOL)!
Princesses no more, this is when the "real fun" started
Carb Overload?
Eating time!!!
Rona, Jacqueline, Rach and me
Me and Rach devouring every dessert in sight
It's fun to eat after everyone has eaten because we got to have the whole buffet to ourselves! YEY!
Oh yes, that's me scrutinizing every detail used in the Kid's buffet, bringing home ideas for Kaya's party of course

Here's a music video of "If you can dream" featuring various Disney princesses.  Lea Salonga singing for Jasmine and Mulan. (Fantasy land mode muna tayo okiesh?) :)

All photos taken by Jacqueline Jimenez and Heart Recinto


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