Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plague of the Satchel

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These past two weeks brought frustration to my almost undisturbed cycle.  Yes the usual stress at work and homesickness kicks in more than the usual but I am as a matter of fact congratulating myself for weeping and ranting less frequently than what I'm accustomed to.  I admit, shopping has become one of my weapons to battle the blue devils.  It is a guilty pleasure, but hey, I work hard, I'm an expatriate and a single parent - and, and, and that's a lot of excuse.  

So as I've mentioned I was in search of various bags.  The past two weeks was spent looking for the right one and it wasn't easy.  I was really decided on purchasing a Goyard Saint Louis, Croisiere or the Yona Bag.  Last year, I was so happy to find out that the Villa Moda boutique here in Dubai sells Goyard. I would always pay the store a visit constantly contemplating if it was wise to purchase a bag as such.  I found out Villa Moda in DIFC is already closed and there is no branch in Atlantis, the website misled me - such a loss cause.  

I've been waiting for months also to get a hold of the Mulberry Alexa in watermelon and Taylor in bright cabbage.  A few weeks ago the store contacted us to let us know that they have a delivery of the watermelon Alexa only to find out that it was the oversized one - and that's way too big for me.  Taylor is in store but in  black smooth color only, bright cabbage will reach the UAE in July.  

So since luck is not on my side this time, please allow me to just vent out my frustrations and let me share with you my love affair with satchels.  Satchels are bags with straps which are conventionally used for carrying books.  Now that it's trending again, it is used not only in school, but at work or just about anywhere else.  These bags comes in many styles but my favorite is the vintage or retro design.  I say satchels are very practical.  You can use it everyday, and if you plan to do just that, you have to choose the right material and color.  A lot of bag makers and designers offer satchels that are very durable and fashionable.  If your budget is tight, you can still own one made by other brands.  

Here's my top 10 brands for satchels, how I wish I can have them all. Feast your eyes on these sweet bags.  

1. Mulberry - Alexa (watermelon) and Taylor (bright cabbage) are my top picks.  I really can't wait to get my hands on them.  

Alexa in Watermelon, Oak and Bright Cabbage

Taylor in bright cabbage, black smooth and deer brown

2. Proenza Schouler - I was delirious when I got my hands on these babies about a month ago at Boutique 1 in JBR The Walk and Mall of the Emirates.  They don't have all colors available though.  A bit pricey yes, but the fabric, color, design and the smell (yes the smell) makes it all worth it.  

PS1 Medium Leather

PS1 Pouch Leather
PS1 Pouch Suede

3. Miu Miu - Who could ever resist a bag from the house of Prada?  It's urbane style truly characterizes the modern woman.  If you get to check the insides of these bags you will discover amazing details such as the satin lining, suede lining, cellphone pocket, leather pocket, etc.  

Shiny calf top handle bag (chalk white)
Shiny calf top handle bag (pale grey)
Deerskin Briefcase (Baby Blue)
Madras Print Goat Leather (Pink)

4. Alexander McQueen - My dearest designer.  When I went to the shop to check out a bag I sighted at a concert I went to, I was disheartened when I learned that the skull embossed Faithful de Manta large tote was unavailable.  I couldn't possibly order from the store nor the website.  It was the bag of my dreams (arte ko talaga).  It was part of the Pre-Fall collection of 2010 and as expected they couldn't possibly squeeze it in with the Spring collection of this year. Let me just rant on a separate blog about this, meanwhile here are the equally brilliant satchels that they have for this spring.  

Black Raffia Medium Satchel
Raffia Wicca Medium Satchel
Medium Western Wicca Satchel
Raffia Wicca Mini Satchel
Mini Ivory Western Wicca Satchel

4. Cambridge - My friend Rachell went gaga over these bags when she saw it online.  As usual we don't have it here but luckily it is up for grabs in the Philippines, yehey! You can find these super chic bags in a boutique called Madison in Rockwell. Since we cannot resist the tasteful colors, I got my mom to go buy every color available. chos. But seriously since I can't stop babbling about it, she's going to Rockwell maybe next weekend to do the shopping for us. 

5. Asos - Recently I explored this online fashion store - that sells clothes, shoes and accessories of their own and over 800 other brands.  When I caught a glimpse of the satchel section, these lovely bags caught my attention.

Asos White Harris Satchel
Asos leather traditional satchel
Asos leather twist lock vintage style satchel
Asos cobalt blue satchel
Asos striped canvas retro satchel
Asos leather color block satchel
Asos leather color block satchel

6. Dorothy Perkins - Ladylike and gracious, that is how I come to describe a Dorothy Perkins bag. I find the designs are very trendy yet somehow reserved.  I love how feminine these satchels are.  

Cream-tan satchel
Tan buckle satchel
Triangle lock satchel
Triangle lock satchel

7. Topshop - My friend Tine owns a Topshop satchel and I find it very handy and classy.  She uses it even whether she's wearing the "madame" corporate attire or even in her distressed jeans,  surely  flexible and practical.

Medium leather satchel
Taupe woven fabric satchel
Light tan vintage look leather satchel

8. Miss Selfridge - We always pass by this shop whenever we're in the mall.  It may be the vintage patterns and designs their clothes, shoes and bags are made of.  I was really attracted to their footwear and when I saw the bags, it was a every bit of heaven as well.

Floral satchel
Yellow leather satchel
Coin embellished satchel
Tan smart satchel
Color block satchel

9.  Zara - This is what we consider the "go to" store.  When we need something to wear to almost anywhere, this shop is "the savior".  In here we always exceed the number of items allowed in the fitting room.  It's very trendy. This is where I shop for my daughter too, and it's where I  purchase clothes for my own at kid's section. (LOL!)  I LOVE Zara.    

City briefcase
City briefcase
Two tone city bag
Mini briefcase

10. Blanco - This Spanish brand caters to young women and the young at heart like me. (LOL!) Wearing something from this shop makes you feel ultimately fresh and danglin'. This is one shop that makes mixing and matching clothes, shoes and accessories hassle free. I mean everything is just so lovely there, plus the items go easy on your wallet.  Check out the dandy Blanco satchels that I sold through this site.  

Here are some of my favorite styles.
Patterned college bag
Pattent doctor bag
Pockets striped satchel
Floral print bag

I'll end this entry with a song from the queen of neo soul, Erykah Badu! I've this habit of daydreaming about bags while listening to this song.  Go try it! =)


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Satchel is LOVE! :)

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I agree! Let's buy everything! =)

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where can you buy the big satchel under "10-Blanco"? thanx

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