Monday, May 2, 2011

Pa-SIGHTsina ng Bagelia presents Ms. Rachell Ann Bonanza

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Here comes another edition of my favorite part of this blog. It's snoop around time once again. I say it's my favorite because it's our chance to get to know people, those close to me or even strangers, by checking the contents of their bags. This morning, before leaving the house, I have this irresistible urge to make kalkal the bagelia of my gorgeous friend, Rach.

Unknown to everyone, Rach is a strong-willed and determined lady.  Amidst  the roller coaster journey of her existence comes this empowered woman who values herself and the people around her.  Some may get intimidated by her, but for me I think she just mastered the art of voicing out and asserting her opinions.  Truth is, in our group she's the "GO TO girl". She would always get questions from us like, "Marsie, saan kukuha ng travel insurance?", "What number should we call for yadayada?", "How do we get to the basketball court?", "Do you have hot compress, band aids, paracetamol, gamot sa broken heart?" (ahahahahaha), "Anong details ng wedding gown ni Kate Middleton?", "Anong spring collection ng Miu Miu?" "Saan naka-sale ang chorvachorva?", "Anong itinerary ko sa bakasyon?", "Anong theme ng wedding ko?", "Nasaan si Jericho Rosales ngayon?".  My goodness, I could actually make a separate blog for things we ask her everyday.  Sometimes you don't even have to ask. Just now, while writing this blog she sent me an e-mail with the subject "FUTURE" with about 5 links attached to it.  I told her I'm busy writing something because I know if I check out those links we would be so engrossed in a discussion, and from the looks of it, it's my future. That's how prepared she is for everything, considering she's geared up for my future too.  I'm not exaggerating things, if you call her now and ask her where Kaya's 7th birthday party would be held, expect her to give you all the specifics - from the venue up to the littlest detail.  

So I was not surprised at all when I saw the contents of her bagelia. Discover it yourself, may I present, Ms. Rachell Ann Bonanza's bagelia. I-SIGHTsina nyo na! =)

We call her Rach Ann Curtis Smith (pout pa lang PAK na PAK na!)
The BAG: Tommy Hilfiger Cross-body in RED
Rach really loves STRIPES
Bag organizer courtesy of Tita Lie, she gave me one too. THANK YOU!
Key holder, Sony Cybershot camera, Blackberry Curve, Pouch, Wallet, Rosary from Rome
Juicy Couture Wallet
Sony Cybershot camera, Ipod Touch, Blackberry Curve
Portable medicine cabinet (Winner!)
Ray-ban Wayfarer, Bath & Body Works anti bac moisturizing lotion, Lactacyd baby bath,  Circus hand sanitizer (amoy baby), Johnson’s baby powder, Denenes baby cologne, Toothbrush and pangbanyong Colgate, BB usb charger, Visine, Colgate plax mouthwash, Pinkaloo coin purse, Sephora lip balm, Pinkaloo na lalagyan ng salamin, Happiness candy mints, Ipod earphones, BB earphones, Hansaplast band aids na di pwedeng mawala at sugatin ang feet ng pwimpwess, Suklay na bihira ginagamit dahil once a day lang madampian ng suklay ang buhok nya (partida 2 pa!)
Visine, Bath & Body Works anti bac moisturizing lotion, Lactacyd baby bath,  Circus hand sanitizer (amoy baby), Johnson’s baby powder, Denenes baby cologne, Colgate Plax mouthwash, Toothbrush and pangbanyong Colgate, Sephora lip balm
Ray-ban Wayfarer and Pinkaloo na lalagyan ng eyeglasses
A closer glimpse 
This is my favorite, HAPPINESS in a can :)
Ready for work

Here are things I asked her about her bag, we tried to make it as formal possible, pero hinde keribels mga atche, lumabas lang ang pagka-beki namin! =)

1. What thing can't you live without (inside your bag)? – PERA? Madaming madaming pera? Bwahahaha! joke! NAILCUTTER – (baby nailcutter) bought it when I was in highschool and hanggang ngayon as akin pa din! Ayoko ng mahabang kuko at ayoko ng patubong kuko kc nangingilo ako, I want pudpod lang always.
2. Favorite thing inside your bag and why? – Sanitizer - ayoko ng madumi! Hahaha. At toothbrush – para kahet san mapadpad may sipilyo ko ok nako. :)
3. Any bagay inside your bag that has a special story, please share. - Ang rosayo na bigay ni pudaks na galling roma n a bgay lang din sa kanya ng mudaks nya – inililipat ko talaga sa kahit sang bag na dala dala ko at feeling ko e un ang bantay ko. – pamana ang tawag dito. 
4. What do you like most about your bag? – Pang “yuppie” haha.. pangrampage kahet anong suot – mapapormal o mapawash attire e keribels lang. at higit sa lahat – PULA sha.

Need I say more? I'd like to take this opportunity to thank this fabulous, gorgeous, kikay and artistahin (chos, bakla) friend of mine, Rach, thank you for everything - everything entails things you've shared with me that you may have thought insignificant, but it meant a lot to me. 


tine said...

hiyesssssss. :)

Miejay Madla said...

ahahaha..gusto kong sundan ang comment. BOW.

Anonymous said...

pwdeng mki comment din? dko alam rachell ann curtis-smith na ayaw mo pala sa madumi eh kala ko yung sanitizer ai para sa metro lamang...hahahahah!!!! ang dami laman ng red na baggy!!! dko kinaya! eh pano yung pinky? d din sinama sayang..gusto ko pa nman dun yung banana..hihihi
-jam, na kasakasama lagi ni rachell ann sa opis-

Miejay Madla said...

Thanks JAM! Next time kalkaling ko rin bag mo ha??! =)

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