Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wine you body, wriggle your belly.

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3 more hours and I get off work. My head is full of soup now (sabaw sabaw - hahaha!) I've only got four hours of sleep. The Culprit? Apache Indian. I know, I're asking WHY right? In my three years stay here in Dubai, dance music of the 90s always keep me and friends company during parties or even on ordinary days when we just stay at home and do nothing.  It has become a habit and a secret pleasure  (obviously not a secret anymore).  Since we belong to the same age group we grew up listening and grooving (taray grooving!) to these tracks.  Who could forget dance crazes popularized by the Streetboys, Maneuvers, and yes, the Universal Motion Dancers (Tine's first choice LOL!).  It wasn't a surprise anymore that we still remember the lyrics, steps and oh my goodness gratifyingly dance to it.  

When we knew of Apache Indian's visit, we got so excited. The songs Boom-shak-a-lak and Raggamuffin Girl are part of out Top 10 danceable (o nagpauso ng term) 90s list. Basta kiber kiber na, we just thought, it's a go! We're going to dance to those hits with Apache Indian performing right in front of us - hinde na galing ipod o youtube, live na live! 

This is what happened last night.

Rona and Chat ready for rampage
Rach hates Chat (hahaha!)
Rona and Tine
Fabulous girls! (Woot woot)
Rach, Tine and me
Dance dance!
The Bar
Apache Indian behind us!
Here he is! This is how he looks like pala. 

Pang-black mail video below. HAHAHAHA! Warning: Not for the faint of heart.  This is what you call CHOREO kung CHOREO sa dance floor! =) I so love my friends. Pareho pareho kame ng kalokohan.


Tine said...

sh*t! I haven't even opened up the vid. kinakabahan ako. buti dko pa to na-share. :D

Miejay Madla said...

Hahahaha! Enjoy BEB! :)

Tine said...

OMFG! (Un lang masasabi ko) Drunken nights!

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