Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ferrari World: Our hearts raced!

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We were given invites by our friend Kaan's cousin Karla Mirandilla Budumo to come and see Hollywood sex symbol Megan Fox to host the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV launch at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Karla, thank you so much for this shot to catch a glimpse of the hot celebrity and at the same time explore this indoor theme park. Regrettably, we weren't able to see Megan. It was a weekday and we all came from the office so it was really unworkable to reach the venue at an earlier time. Nevertheless that didn't stop me and my friends from having a great time. 

Ferrari World is the largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park, located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, with over 20 attractions. The park opened November of last year and boasts its signature attraction, the Formula Rossa (the fastest roller coaster in the world). We were amazed by the wide display of Ferraris, bet my brother would really envy me for this. Also, loads of information are within reach for Formula 1 enthusiasts. Attractions like the G-Force  and the Formula Rossa would sure be tasteful to adrenaline junkies. However, the park will greatly improve if they add more exciting rides that would work better with the huge space they still have available. As far as I can see it, the only thing worth trying was the Formula Rossa, however my friends waited an hour and half in line just to get to experience this ride. Overall, my recommendation is that you visit the Ferrari World only if you are willing to ride the fastest roller coaster, otherwise save your money and go find a better theme park. It's not worth the very pricey entrance fee.

Here are some photos from last night.

The entrance
Rach, Rona, Me and Patur
I love the hatred in Chat's face. LOL!
Rona and Chat wearing 3D glasses - courtesy of LG
Totally fell in love with Rach's color blocking ensemble - Pink top (Bershka), Green pants (Zara), Jelly sandals (Vera Wang), Satchel (Asos)
We didn't plan on wearing tops of the same color, that's what we call evil stepsister instinct. =)

Chat and Rona taking a tour on the History of Ferrari
These are what they saw :)
And another car
I love Patricia's UST shirt. Lakas maka-yellow!
Excited or afraid? What do you think?
Us in line for the G-Force ride
Rona trying to convince Rach that the ride's not that scary, Rach really looks annoyed. LOL!
Kaan, Patur, Chat, Rach, Rona and me
Weee! Here we go! Who do you think is the most scared?
Survivors! =)
I love this ride! Nawala antok ko.
Just look at those faces! Bwahahahaha!
Looks like we just glued ourselves to this picture.
No, there's no magic inside.
Car-laloo again
A red Ferrari
Us with a car again
It's race time!
It's time to rest :)
How about shopping first?
I love these dolls and I love almost everything inside this store, but they are way too expensive!
Oh yes, the famous logo
Sleepy na
Someone was kind enough to took photos of us four, notice our distorted faces. Hahaha!

This video was taken inside the Ferrari World, nothing much to see really. 

Vid was taken on our way home. We were singing our hearts out just to fight sleepiness.
Here's mine, Rach's, Rona's and Chat's version of Mr. Kupido :)

Suddenly there's this fog that clouded the road making it very impossible for us to see clearly.  It really scared the shit out of us, good thing Shaider songs calmed us down.  We just pretended Fuma Ley-ar would make an apparition. Thank God we arrived safely home.

Photos and videos by: Me, Rach, Chat and Rona


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