Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I totally flipped out.

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Finally!! After 22 million years of waiting, the Social House (bahay namin to) welcomes the Flip Video! A gazillion thanks to the anonymous kind hearted individual who donated this superb gizmo.  

This gadget was released by Cisco system in March 2009. It comes in 3 models -  Ultra HD, Mino HD and Slide HD. I'm sure a lot of you have read dozens of reviews about this camcorder for digital video. All I can say is, for a technically handicapped person like me, this is the one of the heaven sent gadget ever. A video camera that fits inside your purse or pocket, a device with minimal buttons to press so it's very easy to use, hassle free transfer videos to your desktop or laptop since it has a pop out USB connector, and lastly it has Flipshare - a software that would help you manage your videos (edit, create movies and share it online). What's good  is that it can be installed once Flip is connected to your computer, no need for a CD-ROM installer. I just love everything about this camcorder! 

Flip MinoHD

Flip UltraHD

Flip SlideHD

Here's my first hands-on Flip experience. 
DISCLAIMER: Extremely amateur and nauseating video. Binaril na po to ng isang tanyag at batikan na SLASHIE (director/videographer/editor/photographer) na si Bong Malong - GM, inhouse director, FVM video marketing and production  bago ko po ilabas in public. Marami nang maaanghang at mapapait na salita ang aking narinig. But if you still want to make baril some more, send me a message. Malugod ko pong tatanggapin.  Next time I promise to do better. 

Video title: Tuwing umaga sa Dubai..
Mga gumanap: Rach, Tine, Chat, Kuya Aris, Ate Fred, Ate Lorie, Ate Madz
Music: "Walang nagbago" by Eraserheads
Rating: Nakakahilo, maghanda ng plastic bag

Photos from: theflip.com and flipultrahd.com


Bongerdude said...

"Rating: Nakakahilo, maghanda ng plastic bag" - FTW!

Miejay Madla said...

Bongerdude thanks for the advanced lesson. ADVANCED! Pak! ahahaha!YOU ALREADY! =)

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